capecitabine and lapatanib

capecitabine and lapatanib

capecitabine and lapatanib hi

just to let you know i’m on the above trial, which i am really pleased about as it’s really my last chance.

herceptin has worked really well on me but doesn’t get to brain, so hopefully this should, fingers crossed.

anyone else in the same situation?


Hi Mitsou

I’m not on the trial -but I’m on capecitabine - and have been desperately trying to get on a lapatinib trial. Can I ask where you are treated and who organised the trial?


trial hi Moira

i’m at the royal marsden at sutton under stephen johnston. of course they are fantastic.

hope this helps


Thanks Mitsou - Steve Johnston had been mentioned to me from 2 different sources - but I can never remember his name when hassling my onc about lapatinib trials.

Good luck with it.


PS i’ve heard good results from my US support group about it crossing the brain/blood barrier.

Hi Moira Sorry to but in, but i believe Proff Coleman is head of this trial, I saw him last year as he is ‘TOP’ UK consultant for bone mets he is at the Uni of Sheffield hospital, I had a private consaltation with him and he slipped in that It shouldn’t be a prob for me to have this drug when I need it, he works quite closely with Proff Smith who is my Onc at the Royal Marsden in Fulham.
Hope this is of some help to you
love Amber xxxxxxx

Thanks Amber - I’ll be sure to mention that to my onc.


Same Trial Hi Mitsou

I live in Essex and I am on the same trial as you . This is my second month and seem to be ok. Don’t seem to be suffering from too many side effects. How long have you been on the trial? What sort of side effects are you getting…I don’t know of anyone else having the same drugs as me…I would love some feedback. Take care Onetit x

trial - onetit hi

i too am onetit!

only just started, ok so far but feeling a bit sick sunday i was sick, and i have diarrhea most days. how about you?

when are you having scans, have you had one yet? Mine is every 6 weeks.


To Mitsou Hi Mitsou
I am getting on alright .I had a very sickly week two weeks after I started but was given Domperidone which I take three times a day It seems to be doing the trick. I had a couple a days of diarrhea but that seems to be setteling down now. I get stomach cramps on and off but that is down to the morphine I take.
I am going for a check up on Tuesday so I was going to ask then when and how often I will have scans.
I am feeling very postive and have just booked time in Paris to celebrate our ruby wedding anniversary. Can’t wait.
Keep well Mitsou xx Onetit

Hi Mitsou hi i got your name from onetit , of here she said you where on this new trial , i have been trying for 6 months now , i have spoken to someone in essex who i may be able to get on the trial , so just waiting to hear, can you let me know any information on regards to how you are feeling on it and how you find it is working , thanks for help