capecitabine... headaches?

hi all am half way through 2nd round capecitabine, not too bad so far but am headachy and fuzzy, chemo nurse said this is a side effect but cant find many others who have it…was headachy on fec/tax but just wanted to ask you all, who ever is on this too, also really tired but thats it up to now xxx


I will be finishing my second lot in a couple of days then a weeks break so I’am about the same as you. My main side effect is tiredness, most days I have a nap in the afternoon something I have never done. Its hard to say how I feel, not well but not really ill, if that makes sense. I have 6 cycles for sure, don’t know after that, I hope they don’t want to keep me on it indefinitely, its one thing to take them for a few months but another for longer.

The thing is I have been told I can’t be cured although it hasn’t spread anywhere else as far as I know, hormone tablets haven’t worked as this is my 4th recurrence so not sure what will happen next, guess its best not to think too far ahead.

I would blame the capecibine for your headaches if you never had them before. How long have you got to take them for?

Take care.


hi jan , i am tn with quick rcurrences my onc wants to see if it is effective and if so will stay on it til it isnt!!! ,so no real time span, yes i too get tired ,we are at about the same place i have another week then a break xxx