capecitabine & herceptin stopped working !!!

please help, i had a scan on wed and the dr came to see me yesterday i have just had 8 lots of capecitabine after 4 i had a great result and the tumours shrunk to half, but this scan has showed they are growing again and this treatment has stopped working has this happened to anybody else ? i am just so gutted and terrified iam seeing the oncologist this morning and feel like a lamb to the slaughter
galen xx

Hi galen

I understand this must be a worrying time for you and I am sure you will receive lots of support from other forum users.

However, in the meantime, if you feel it might help to talk through your concerns, please do ring the Helpline, they’re great listeners and can offer support and information for you.

The number is 0808 800 6000 and they’re open 9-5 today.

Kind regards


Oh Galen,

This is soooo unfair - I hope doc has provided some more hope this morning and was keeping my fingers crossed for you at 8.30. I’m up there from 11.30 til 2-ish but ring me anytime after that.

Tons of love & hugs,

Liz xxxxxx

hi liz, so sorry didnt want you just to read on here cant find your number send me a pm then i can speak to you hope uyou ok this morning xxxxxx

Thinking of you. Hope there is an alternative combo for you. I was onherceptin docetaxal and another chemo drug last year but now on lapatinib and capecitabine.


hi just got back from onc they are keeping me on herceptin but changing me to vinorelbine, i am having a 3 week break i feel so weary with it all xx

I too had no joy with capecitabine (in my case, in conjunction with lapatanib)-some chemos work for us, some don’t. With some we have a limited response. It’s good that you had some reduction in the early cycles- good luck with the new combo.

Hi Galen

I hope that they sort you out with another form of chemo and it works for you. It is so worrying when things stop working and our tumours start growing.

Big hugs for you and hope u are OK.


Hi Galen

Just wanted to say how sorry I am that the capecitabine has stopped working. Dealing with BC is like being on the scariest rollercoster in the world, first the highs, then the lows - if only we could just put the breaks on. I really hope that vinoralbine is the chemo that works the best for you.

Thinking of you