Capecitabine(Xeloda) treatment due to start, Can anyone tell me how its affected them

Im on Tact 2 arm 3. I have just had my last Epi… Its gone ok, I have had the usual side effects by the sounds of it, the bad mouth, ulcers in the throat, bad constipation, heartburn and tiredness,

Im now just wondering what Im going to be faced with on Capecitabine.


Hi there

Going to see the onc tomorrow for my 2nd xeloda tablets. Hope you’re the same as I’ve been, it’s been a breeze compared to epi. Tiredness and low level nausea which was sorted with medication. Hands a bit dry but am plastering cream on and not a problem. Absolutely no comparison between the two chemos.

I too am on the Tact 2 trial but arm 4. There’s a thread on here called Tact 2 trial if you want to have a look.

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I’ve been on Xeloda for the past two years without a break and this is the 3rd type of chemo I’ve had and the most bearable (for me). I’ve been very lucky not having the hand and foot syndrome that many have although my feet do get dry.

I can feel tired but sometimes I’m not sure whether it’s the chemo or whether it’s because I’m busy!

You’ll find that there are a lot of us on here who have been taking Xeloda for a while.

Good luck

Thanks Guys

I just wanted to know what to prepare for. My boss has been very good so far, but I think he wants to see me back at work soon. Dont know if I will make it back part time for a while.

Good luck to both of you, hope it keeps going well.

Hi…I’ve found Xeloda easier than Arimidex…Good Luck…x

Hi again

Work? Just to let you know that I’ve been back at work for a few weeks now. Can’t manage full-time yet but am doing about 5 hours a day. I must say it’s made a huge difference to me. Some normality in my life again instead of thinking of BC all the time.

Take care