Capecitabine(Xeloda) & Vinorelbine(Navelbine) Anyone on this combo

1st diag in 2003 with triple neg br canc had chemo(Epirubicin/cmf) followed by radio. local reaccur in 2006 after more surgery had Taxotere. now cancer keeps coming back thru skin( all thats left) and had 3 opps in 8 weeks so about to start 3rd lot of chemo. This will be combination Capecitabine(Xeloda) and Vinorelbine(Navelbine). My oncologist hasnt fully explained how long I will be on these drugs and came out of appt with more questions than answers so now going to see my old oncologist privately to discuss with him!!!

Has anyone else been on this combo?
Were u able to work?
How did u manage side effects?
ANY Advice!!!
How long have u been or were on the treatment cos from what I have gathered this can be an ongoing treatment not just for 5/6 months?