Capecitabine/Zeloda and Liver discomfort

Hi girls, My liver tumours are at the top of my liver just under my ribs.
Started Cape 8 days ago and have developed a discomfort in this area, which is worse when I lie on my right side, so am having difficulty sleeping.
I am asumming its the chemo getting to work, but am also a bit worried about it.
Just wondered if anyone else had developed pain or discomfort in the liver area when they first started on Cape.
I am seeing my Onc the week after next and will mention it to him, but there is nothing like this site for getting good advice from those who have been there.
Thank you
Jane xxx

Hi Jane

I’m not on Capecitabine but have just completed six sessions of Docetaxel and have been experiencing twinges and slight discomfort in the liver area almost since the beginning. My oncologist has told me this could be the chemo getting to work. My last scan in December showed I was stable and am due for my next scan results next week so may be able to tell you more then.

In the meantime I am sure more ladies who are on the same drug will be along soon to answer your query.

Take care
Lesley xx

Hi Jane

I’ve not been on Capecitabine however like Lesley, I have done TAX and while I had the occasional twinge on it, I have noticed more discomfort since finishing. It’s not painful as such, just occasionally am aware of a dull ache around my liver / ribs. Am on Tamoxifen now and am hoping the pain means it’s working. I’ve got a scan too next week Lesley so fingers crossed for us all!

Laurie x

Hi Jane,

I’m on Capecitabine. I think the toxins are discharged via the liver. My liver mets are stable at the mo, but ever since I started Capecitabline, my blood test for liver functions have been going up and down. When I was dx’ed with liver mets, however, all my liver functions were within the normal range! Very occasional discomfort in liver area now and again, but never lasted long.

My onc wasn’t worry about anything.

Hope that helps to ease your mind before seeing your own onc. Do mention it to him, though.

M xx

P.S. Just started cycle 10 today!

I do not have liver mets (yet) but have inoperable mets in my armpit and chest wall. This is my 5th reoccurence of breast cancer, 3 mastectomies (reconstruction removed),and lymph nodes removed from both armpits.
I’ve been taking Capecitabine alone for 2 months now and my tumours are almost gone…WoW !
Had 6 months FEC chemo in 2005 and 6 months docetaxol in 2008…
I am so happy with this Xeloda…thought I wouldn’t make my birthday this year.
It makes me nauseous but not as bad as the other chemos…and no hair loss!
I really hope the xeloda helps your mets.Be strong…X

Hi raven5 wow that’s great news I’ve lung mets and chest node inv do u know the size of yours just out of intreasted my onc won’t scan to after 3rd cycle so unsure at moe if working its v gd news and hope for us all xx

I was actually waiting to have liquid chemo again after my third mastectomy…not sure what they had planned this time.
But before I could start that we found all sorts of tumours in my other armpit and along the scar line of my first mastectomy (other side). The largest one that I could pinch between my fingers was about 2 cm across and there were many more of all sizes,even down to sandy granular ones in the scar tissue.
When I started the Capecitabine they started getting rounder and softer. It is now 5 rounds of Cape later and I honestly cannot feel anything but my old scars. The great big lumps are gone!
I’ve had a bit of discomfort with watery eyes and drippy nose (only on the 3rd week of each cycle when I’m not taking the tablets. This disappears when I start taking them again.
I have a few things happening with my hands & feet but nothing drastic. My oncolgist suggested lowering the dose to stop the side effects but I refused…I want the cancer gone, my toes and fingers can wait.
I’m not sure how many more cycles they have planned for me but I’d continue taking it the rest of my life if it means I’m still there.

Thanks girls for you replies.
On Monday I ended up at the Oncology Acute Assessment Unit as I was feeling pretty rough and this pain I thought was from my liver is in fact coming from my ribs. They did an xray, but couldnt see anything, so am going for a bone scan next week.

Love Jane