Capecitabine / Zemeta - Effects on Skin/Hair

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been recommended to post here after posting in the section re. chemotherapy treatment, please bear with me as I’m quite new!
I’m writing on behalf of my mum - she was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2011, then shortly after this with metastasis in her spine and lower leg. She has been stable for quite some time now on cycles of capecitabine and 4-weekly Zemeta. Initially Mum experienced some of the more common side effects e.g. an upset stomach, which is mostly settled. Her hair has thinned slightly, but not that it is noticable.
Recently Mum has found that she is getting very greasy hair and skin - it almost creates a sort of film on her which she finds very uncomfortable and she is having to shower a few times a day to feel a bit more comfortable. It’s only started recently and we wondered if anyone had experienced any similar effects from taking either/both of these treatments?
Any advice would be greatly recieved, we’re stumped as to what this could be, and Mum is feeling a bit frustrated and very aware of this!
Sam x


I am sorry nobody has replied to you. It is probably because that is not a common symptom - well, not of Capecitabine, anyway. I tend to have dry skin and cracked heels. Most of us have to moisturise. Have you asked the oncology unit?

Ann x

Hi Ann,
Sorry it has taken me a while to reply - I didn’t have opportunity to get on the computer yesterday, the joys of the Christmas rush!
Thanks for your reply. we had done some research and had seen that it wasn’t a common effect so wondered if anyone else had experienced the same side effects. I think Mum intended to discuss when she next goes for her zometa, which is quite soon if I recall, she also has an appointment with the doctor soon so may discuss it then.
Thanks again :slight_smile:
Sam x