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Thoght this may be of use to others! I have car insurance with Norwich Union, paid by monthly direct debit. While sorting some papers out I found a boklet that had come with my insurance stff saying that I had free insurance on my premiums if becomg ‘disabled’. When I phoned they said yes I was elegible & sent me the relevant forms, so I should be able to claim most of a years car insurance back. You have to fill in a fairly simple form, there is also one for your employer & for your doctor but it is not too onerous! It does not affect your car insurance at all, in fact the car dept are not even told youhave claimed, it is all completely separate. They also said that other policies with them or other companies may also carry this kind of insurance. Dig out that paperwork folks!

Are they saying that because you’ve had breast cancer, you’re disabled? Will check my policy with Tesco then!
Thanks for the tip!

As soon as it was confirmed I had bc (with secondaries at the same time) I applied for whatever I could get, as I’d never claimed anything before this. I’m on higher rate Disability Living Allowance so have a motability car, and they pay the insurance, tax, service, breakdown. I only need to put petrol in! Plus, after three years they write to me and invite me to go choose another brand new car :slight_smile: I also phoned the local council to apply for a blue disabled badge, so I get free parking.

BUT … talking of insurance, I wondered whether it would become void if I had an accident whilst on chemo?? I was okay the first time round, but definitely not okay on Taxotere, although I was still driving. My hands and feet had gone numb, and my head was muzzy. It got to the stage where I just didn’t drive because I knew I wasn’t safe to do so. Before I stopped driving, I didn’t phone the insurance company in case they told me I shouldn’t be driving. Anybody else considered this?

Best wishes.

checked mine - don’t have any cover :frowning: for illness (it was something you had to purchase separately and I chose not to. Have just been told I don’t qualify for dla or anything else for that matter.

Granny - my car insurance specifically states that I must inform them if I become ill for a ‘significant’ length of time - so it might be worth checking the wording on your policy to check?

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I know what you mean about driving on Taxotere. There were days when I felt somewhat spaced out and it took all my concentration to stay focussed on the road. It never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t be insured. Just as well.

I think Nu use the phrase ‘disabled’ to mean anything that stops you from working for a while!
I didnt let my car insurance know that I had BC, but will tell them when I renew, have been told it shouldn’t affect the policy…fingers crossed!

hya girls

i have just claimed dla i sent for it in nov 07, i thought it only for terminal patients but it not, and i have been given the back money and i have it for a year 08 but 45 a week iss better than nothing as now we only on income suport, which is not very much, you can go to your local cab or mobility centre and they will help you and advise you on what you should be claiming for, hope this helps hun, good luck!

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I think people get confused with not knowing whether they are classed as ‘disabled’ when they have a diagnosis of primary breast cancer because you are covered under the Disability Discrimination Act within the workplace, education and housing.

You are only classed as ‘disabled’ in the official sense of the word if you have completed the Disability Living Allowance Form and are receiving the lower, medium or higher rate of the mobility and/or care component.

I understand that if you have mets to your lungs or brain you must declare this to the DVLA as you may not be covered for car insurance as they may think it’s too high a risk.

Hope this helps.


Im like you magz 175,could not get anything despite having a long term sick note from my doctor I was not entitled to disability or incapacity benefit,I was a bit miffed at the time a year and a half ago because I have always worked and paid national ins and tax and never been on income support and still was not entitled to anything,sometimes its like if you live your life by the book you get nothing,and I am not referring to any ladies on here who do get it,fair play,I think we all should be entitled,then again maybe I should have had a baby when I was 12 or something then I might have got more help.Oh and one more thing,I was not entitled to job seekers either because he said I was unfit for work…I just laughed as I did not know what to say.