Carbo / Gem

Hi everyone,
Hoping this post will show up OK due to the new forum
Started Carbo / Gem combo about 2 weeks ago. This is the 4th time I go back on chemo . Hoping it’s doing a good job (and think it is!).
Anybody else had it or is having it? Would be useful to compare notes and would be great to have some company.
Tumour Marker before chemo was 199, my highest record, but hoping it’s coming down now.
Day 0 Blood test (with tumour marker)
Day 1 Carbo (1 hour IV) / Gem (30 min IV)
Day 7 Blood test - low WBC and platelets (was told chemo will be given if platelets more than 75)
Day 8 Gem (30 min IV)
Day 9 Neulasta Injection to boost WBC
Day 13 today. No so bad. Anti-sickness working well, a bit tired on day 3, 4 and 12 with slight high temp.
3 weeky cycle. Planning on 6-8 cycles
M xxx

Hi M, I had this chemo for 2 sessions and really zonked me out … so trying Eribulin now for a while. But after CT scan my tumours in my liver stable and some had shrunk so after 2 worked well! I have been living with secondaries for 5 and half years in my liver and have had many chemos so I was really grateful for this one too. May go back on it later but found it does zonk your WBC. Good luck. Pauline xx

Hi M,

Can’t keep you company I’m afraid, but can offer you encouragement, as I’ve also had this combination, and it worked very well for me. I found the first dose quite hard, and my oncologist reduced subsequent ones. I found it quite tiring, at least partly because of the schedule meaning hospital trips 2 out of every three weeks, and was orribly sick one time when they forgot to administer the correct anti-emetic, but was I was very pleased not to lose my hair, and that it produced good results for me.

Hope you find a buddy!

J x

Thanks girls for responding.

Saw onc yesterday for review. He’s quite happy that I’m responding well to it and tolerating it. Don’t feel so tired, well, not as bad as FEC anyway! However, my blood is all over the place at the moment! Seems Neulasta has helped with my WBC counter, but my platelets were down to 13 yesterday!! Onc wasn’t so happy about that and I’m going to have a booster for that as well. Just been told my RBC is a bit low as well, but not too bad!!! (Going to have it closely monitored, too) Gosh, this is some strong stuff

Onc has prescribe full dose for cycle 2, but may get a 25% reduce if they fail to recover next week

Hi m1yu I had it for 6-7 months last year and, as hard as it was, it was the only thing that worked for any length of time. Really watch your blood though, I had chemo delayed 3-4 times due to low WBC and then had a platelet transfusion which sorted me right out. Weirdly, someone told me mushrooms are good for your blood?! No idea whether that’s complete tosh but I do remember eating a lot of mushroom soup around that time :slight_smile:

Hi girls,

Thanks for all the replies. Just a little update after the appointment with my onc today. He was very pleased with my response and my tolerance towards it. Only had 2 cycles, so early days, but we’ve now decided that I’m going to stay on this chemo regime for as long as it works and as long as I can tolerate it (scraped the 6 - 8 cycle plan!). For an IV chemo, I’ve never heard of that before, esp. for it being so hard on the blood. But boosters are working brilliantly and having 2 off weeks and 75% are also part of the plan.

onc explained that this chemo regime won’t affect the heart, nor will it affect the nerve endings. Only SE I seem to be struggling a little is fatigue, so it would be my call when I had enough (unless it stops working of course) !!! Really hoping this is the long term solution for me because all the others chemo (Xeloda) and homornal treatment have been really disappointing. Just hoping for my body to cope for as long as poss.

Take care girls. M xx

Hi m1yu
I’m not on this at the moment but I am following your posts with interest. I’m currently on faslodex and when that fails :frowning: my onc wants me to move on to this chemo.
My liver function isn’t great at the moment do I don’t know whether that will affect the dosage/number of cycles etc but we shall see …