Carboplatin chemo (my 8th treatment in 3 year

Hi all hope you are doing okay on  your various  treatments. The above drug is the 8th treatment  have received for secondary BC. The last one myocet/cyclophosphamide put me in Christies for a week, after having a bad reaction to it. Is anyone one else on carbo? I had my first on Monday. Side effects/results of this drug would be helpful.


best wishes



Hi Laine
I’m on Carboplatin with Gemcitabine and finding it pretty hard going tbh. Bad nausea despite full range of anti-emetics and it really hits blood counts hard, I’ve needed neulasta injection after second cycle had to be twice postponed as neutrophils so low. Having said all that, according to onc it is usually well tolerated so hopefully you won’t be such a wimp as me!

I have recurrence of TNBC in neck lymphs less than year after diagnosis but CT after 3 cycles of Gem Carbo showed good response with shrinkage in lymphs and no evidence of any further disease elsewhere.