Hi Ladies,

I am looking for any advice or experience from Carboplatin. On its own or with a combination.
I believe I will be having mine with gem.
I am thinking about this as next line of chemo for regional area.

Thank you.


Hi i had this with taxotere and herceptin, it has worked well for me in this combination, although I was quite poorly with it in this combo,but i believe taxotere is nasty enough on it’s own, how it would be on it’s own i don’t know.
I was given an advice leaflet on the side effects of each chemo drug, might be an idea and see if you can get hold of carboplatin’s one.


I had Carboplatin, Docetaxol and Herceptin too. It worked fab for me…I had a lumpectomy first and they didnt get clear margins. I had this combination of chemo and it worked…there were no cancer cells left when I was done !

Like the other lady said I think Docetaxol is pretty horrible so its hard to say what the side affects were for carboplatin. I just suffered with nausea, sickness and tiredness…but I think it depends on the individual…and also most types of chemo seem to have these side affects.

Hey as long as it works…best wishes xx

Hi Bikinggirl
I’m currently on Carboplatin for lung secondaries (triple negative). I have had three lots of treatment so far with very few side effects. I have not had any nausea or sickness, I have been constipated and had a sore mouth during cycle 2. I have felt tired throughout. Unfortunately I have had various infections; water infection, shingles and a chest infection. I have had a CT scan after my 3rd cycle and the Carboplatin appears to be working getting rid of some tumours and reducing the others!! I will be moving onto docetaxol after but will not have them at the same time.

Hope it goes well for you
Love Jennie x

Hi Bikinggirl

I have just finished 6 cycles of carboplatin on it’s own. I am also triple negative and have not had much success with previous 3 chemos. I have a secondary on my spine and had two local recurrant tumours under my arm.

Carboplatin worked so well for me, one tumour disappeared completely the other by about 75% and I have just had it removed and area cleared out. The pain in my neck is much better and I my life so much better as a result.

Side effects for me were extreme tiredness at times althought I worked full time throughout. I do my job sitting down - couldn’t have done it standing up! I also lost my appetite - only chemo that hasn’t made me put on weight!

All the best with your decision and future chemo. I have not met anyone else on Carboplatin only yet - anyone know why some onc’s use it with other things and sometimes on it’s own?

Love Anne xx

I have had 5 cycles of carboplatin+herceptin. The main issue has been-every time-low platelet counts which have meant that the treatment has been delayed by a week each time. They seem to fluctuate alarmingly from day to day (at one stage they were taking bloods daily). After 3 weeks I am usually about at mid 70s (onc won’t proceed under 100, although I persuaded him 2 cycles ago on 95!)They do seem to recover after 4 weeks-he has suggested that he often uses carbo on a 4 week cycle as it hits the bone marrow so hard. Fortunately this doesn’t impact negatively on the herceptin infusion,which cane be stretched to 4 weeks too.

Sid effects have been tolerable-a few bad days of exaustion once the steroids have worn off-and nausea. A very itchy scalp too…but that could be herceptin.

The scan after 3 cycles was tentatively promising. Stability in the pleura, slight reduction in the liver, and progression in the bones, with some new spots on my pelvis. But overall, pretty good at this stage.


I have just finished 6 cycles of Carboplatin with Gemcitabine for secondaries in liver, lungs and bones. I was supposed to have the Carboplatin + Gemcitabine in Week 1 and then just Gemcitabine in Week 2 and then nothing in Week 3. However, my bloods couldn’t recover enough to have the week 2 dose of Gemcitabine so in the end we didn’t bother as after 2 cycles of the combined week 1 there was some good reduction showing in my tumours. Also, I had to wait four weeks between doses due to my bloods taking longer than expected to recover.

I have my CT scan next Tuesday to see how things have gone, so fingers crossed for some good news.

I found this combination of drugs very tiring and I felt pretty grotty the first week but generally picked up well by week 3 and 4. I have not lost my hair.

I hope this helps. Good Luck



Thank you so much for your replies they have really helped.

I was in a bit of dark place for a while there and really wondered if another chemo would make a difference.

I now have had a break, kids back at school some fairly good news and feel ready to carry on!!!

Best wishes

Hi Bikinggirl, I have just started this chemo, 2nd cycle week after next. I don’t feel that bad, bit tired. Have you started it yet? …and how you getting on with it.

Love Debsx

Hi Ladies I was diagnosed today with hip bone and liver mets.My onc has given me a choice of carboplatin and gemcitabine and I wondered if one is better than the other, First time round I was so ill with a combination that I landed in hospital with a blood clot in the lung and pneumonia.
Look forward to hear your comments xxxxMarion

Hi Ladies,

I ended up having a good break from chemo I managed to get rads in to the area that was spreading at an alarming rate.
I started on the Gem/Car regime two weeks ago but my blood didn’t recover enough to have the day 8 gem. (no wonder I felt so awful)
I am seeing my Oncologist on Tue to deciede what to do but after rereading the posts that have been put up I think it is worth having another go and seeing if I can’t get some milage out of it.

Thanks again


Hello! Just a quick question… Do you need to take steroids if you are on carboplatin only? If so what dosage, and for how long? Not sure when I’m seeing my onc next so thought I’d ask here! X

Hi all

I had the Carboplatin & Gemcitabine regime for 6 sessions. My bloods never recovered enough to have the day 8 Gemcitabine either. I was scanned after 2 chemo’s and it showed a good response so they just kept me to a 3 week cycle with both drugs on day 1.

My scan at the end of the treatment showed significant reduction and I am now on Tamoifen and Bondronat tablets to see if that holds things down.

I found this combination of drugs more difficult to recover from than the Taxol and FEC I had first time around. But they worked and my Dr said that it is not beyond the realms of possibility that I could have it again if needed as it had worked so well. So now I am just waiting to see what happens next and meanwhile having as much fun as I can.

Sue x


Yes, I had steroids but only on the day of chemo - 8mg IV - but no tablets to take at home afterwards.

Sue x

Hi Girls, I am on Carb/Gem chemo at the moment and up to Cycles 4a at the moment 4b next Wed if bloods hold out. I had to wait one week the chemo before last because neuts were very low and then they went up chemo as usual but when i when back for 4a all my bloods were rubish and they could not do chemo and i had to have a blood transfusion haemoglobin down to 8.9 really scared when they mentioned blood transfusion but it was no problem and after about three days I felt so much better more like “normal” if you know what I mean anyway had my bloods done before the next chemo (yesterday) and haemoglobin up to 13.8 amazing chemo went ahead and I am happy. Due for a scan next Thursday so fingers crossed it has worked has it has done for some of you ladies. I have secondaries in lung, liver and bones.

Take care girls and good luck with all your treatments.