cardiac ventriculography test before chemo ?

hi im just wondering if this test is the usual thing to happen before having chemo ? if so wat does the test involve ? . be glad when all these tests are done and the treatment actually starts x

Hello Angel77

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June, moderator

Hi Angel

if you are having FEC-T or herceptin they test your heart as a base line and periodically thoughout treatment. You may need this test before treatment to identify preexisting heart conditions or during or after cancer treatment to identify chemotherapy-related heart damage…which is usually reversable.


I  had a heart scan prior to chemo - which involves a scan like when you are pregnant - (then every 3 months)


You can also have whats called a a MUGA  scan which creates video images of the ventricles (lower chambers of the heart that hold blood) to check whether they are pumping blood properly. It shows any abnormalities in the size of the ventricles and in the movement of the blood through the heart.

Again it is so they can say yes your heart can cope with the chemo and to have a baseline to which they compare against approx every 3 months


Hope this helps = sending youhugs and best wishes Donna xxx