carolm re cruise

Hello to everyone who was interested in my cruise holiday , im going with ocean village as i hear it is nice and laid back not like some of the cruises , i have a little girl to concider so it cant be to posh ha , we are going to the meds , Greece , Croatia, crete and venice . so its not to far away in case we have to go home in a hurry. I have taken out insurance with all clear , to take out full insurance it was cost me £2000.00 ha thats more than the holiday cost me . So i am just taking the basic out which is £29.00 for the week , that covers me for anything which hasn,t got anything to do with the cancer, So you see a holiday which is safe and not to far away has to be the way to go . Why go on a holiday when you are feeling rough , go whilst you feel well , life is for living while you can. I hope this has given you the incentive to go for it , lots of love now carolm x

Hi Carol, it all sounds lovely. Yes you’re absolutely right life is for living…enjoying precious moments. Oh Venice! I’ve never been there…and I had an Italian Great Grandmother too but have never visited Italy.

The cruise sounds lovely.

Just a quickie for anybody considering a cruise and wondering about insurance. Mia Online do travel insurance that will cover cruises and I have found them much cheaper than others. They also will cover people with secondaries without any fuss.