Carpal Tunnel & Lymphoedema

Has anyone else developed carpal tunnel syndrome after getting lymphoedema. I have been in pain all day today and the doctor thinks that is what it is. She has told me to contact the Lymphoedema clinic and get an urget appointment to be checked out.

I am so fed up, it just seems to be one thing after another and I just want to get back to living my life.

Hi cmw, I have aslo been told I have carpal tunnel in my left hand which is the same side as my mx last November,the pain is worse at night pins and needles in my thumb and the two fingers next to it, feel like big fat sausages, it wakes me up in the night, awaiting appointment for possible surgery, like you have mx, chemo, and now this, oh! no Lymphoedema though.

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I don’t have lymphoedema but have had carpel tunnel problems.
Just wanted to share my sympathies as it is so painful. I was passing out at the onset!
Since March I’ve been wearing a splint at bedtime and any time my hands are still, ie. train journeys. watching TV…
It has helped no end and although it is lesser pain now I still wake up with the dreaded tingling because on these warmer nights I take the splint off!
I collected my splint from hospital after seeing Specialist.
I’d never even heard of it before but now I’ve researched it, it is very typical for middle-aged women who have smaller hands.
(I am indeed in that age bracket!)

Do hope you can find some support for this condition. I was prescribed with Gabapentin for the nerve pain and that also helped when it was really severe, so that I could eventually decide when to stop it…
Found normal pain killers didn’t touch it!

Really sorry you’ve found yourself in this place with lymphoedema too. You poor thing. It’s so unfair!
Mine was the same side as my mx and has really interfered with mobility of my upper arm/shoulder because I’ve sat with my dominant arm immobile with this carpel tunnel syndrome.
So do try and keep your arm exercises up…
I didn’t and now I’m regretting it so much. If it’s not one thing it’s another with this bl****y cancer!!!
I do hope you get referred to a hand specialist very soon in order to claim your night splint.
Mine has definitely improved since but is a long haul…
I had injections at the start but effects didn’t last!

Good luck to you both.


Thanks for your replys. I had to try hard not to cry whilst reading them.

Manxcat - I hadn’t realised that pins and needles was a sympton. I have been getting that for weeks now.

Norberte - do you reckon it is possible to stick a spanner in the conveyor belt so we can get off???

Welshgirl - My doctor said to get myself a wrist splint. They are no longer available on prescription here, so after going to 3 chemists I have had to order one from Boots at a cost of £17!

I have rung breast care this morning and have made an appointment for next Monday. In the meantime I will continue with my exercises to see if this helps at all.

The doctor suggested not working this week, but as a school secretary, and this being the last week of school, I have so much to finish off for the children that I can’t let them down. At least for the next 6 weeks I can rest.


Manxcat, are you sure those two big fat sausage-fingers aren’t lymphoedema in the hand, it sounds very like it to me?


For future reference I wear a wrist split at night because of tendonitis in my non LD wrist and buy them from ebay for less than £17


I’ve been to LD clinic this morning. Apparently my LD is now under control and I don’t need to wear my sleeve for now. I only need to go back if it flares up again.

I asked about the effects a possible steroid injection would have. BCN said if I need to have it done, then I should. If my LD flares up as a result they will then deal with it, but I shouldn’t have a problem.

Great result Caroline! Now go off and enjoy that super-long summer holiday, you can get a proper both-arm tan! But be very wary of sunburn, and wear your sleeve if you fly.

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I had carpal tunnel syndrome, and was told to stop working. As a freelance journalist I need to use my lap top to get an income, so this was a real worry.
Had injection, and this sorted things out.
Drug companies MUST be more informative, and help by telling us what side effects might be. I lost three month’s work because my oncologist didn’t know my CTS was caused by drug.

Thanks. I do plan to go off and enjoy myslef - first think is a week of Taekwon Do training whilst camping in Devon. Hoping for wall to wall sunshine, as the last 3 times I have been it has poured down (still I suppose that would lessen the chance of sun burn!)

Verite R - what drug do you think (know) caused you CTS? I am currently on Xeloda, and I have CTS symptoms in my right arm. Going to see lymphodaema nurse tomorrow to rule that out, or otherwise, but interested to see you say your CTS was caused by drugs, as my problems seem to coincide with my new treatment for secondary breast cancer in my liver.