CAT Scan Existing Medical Conditions!!!

Okay is it just me seeing this WRONG but, I had a CAT Scan last Thurs, given copious amounts of Barium Sulfate to drink before hand then injected with Radium,The norm I presume, but here’s my problem! I was given the scan due to problems iv’e been having in pains in my kidney and liver area for the past two months, Having 16 lymph nodes infected does kind of put you at high risk for secondaries… So after coming home and the pain in my kidney has got worse also now a pain in my groin area I decided to check out side effects of this Barium, this is what I found readily available on the net!

Existing medical conditions can also cause a reaction with barium sulfate. If you have intestinal or stomach problems or cancer, asthma or other allergies, cystic fibrosis, or suffer from dehydration or Intestinal blockages, then consuming barium sulfate is not recommended as it can make these conditions more severe. Be sure to let your physician know of any existing medical conditions.

My question is WHY is this Barium given when it quite obviously states it shouldn’t be with those who have CANCER !!!

Or is it me reading this wrong… Still awaiting my results so not sure if spread yet!

Thanks all love a very confused Teresa x

Hi Muffett.

When I’ve had CAT scans, I’ve always been given an *iodine* drink. It’s a litre of bitter stuff, disguised with an aniseed or citrus flavouring, to be drunk gradually over an hour. Half a cup is reserved to be drunk with a straw while lying down, just before the scan starts. I also have a further contrast agent injected during the scan that gives a funny warm feeling.

I’ve been given the impression that the iodine drink is standard issue. I have Crohn’s and it hasn’t been made particularly worse by the iodine.

The drink given before a CT scan is usually Gastrografin (contains small amount of an iodine compound)It is clear and has an aniseed flavour ,sometimes lemon or orange juice is added. As far as I am aware barium is not used.
The injection given is a Iodine based contrast die not radium. This can cause kidney problems if given in large quantities if you have poorly functioning kidneys. You would know if your kidneys were that poorly and the staff would check your blood results prior to the scan to check you kidneys are functioning OK.
Its advisable to drink regular fluids for 24/48 hours to help flush it all out your system.
If your kidney area still feels painful ,then maybe make appt to see your GP.
Good luck

Hi Dot, This is what I thought, but I was definitely given 3 litres, 3 bottles of Barium Sulphate to drink in 1 hour and 20 mins, then the injection, It was not clear liquid thick and gloupy white, tasted horrible!

I really am wondering now if they made a mistake!

Sorry to bump this up, but really confused now!

I had barium too, Muffet. You didn’t make a mistake. I was given 2 bottles to drink. They were clearly labelled ‘Barium Sulphate’ and contained a foul tasting, white gloopy liquid. In fact the laypersons name for this type of scan is a ‘barium scan.’ I can only think there are two methods of getting the contrast needed for a cat scan, one involving barium and the other involving iodine

To go back to your original query, I have a pre existing medical condition and although it’s one that has nothing to do with the stomach or digestive system, I mention it here because every time I get prescribed a new drug the patient information leaflet says I shouldn’t take it because of this condition. I once asked my specialist about it and he said it’s just the drug company trying to cover themselves against every eventuality.

Sorry for causing confusion,some centres must use barium instead.

Hi Dot, no worries, Yes I have been told this is normal practice, i think really just me worrying on getting the results…
thank you teresa xxx

Just to add info - I’m having CT scans but only had the iodine drink the first time; since then just had the IV contrast. Seems there are different practices in hospitals …

Hi, I think it does change in areas, although I live in Spain, I think they do double of most things here…lol. For example I had two injection one just before and one whilst having the Scan.