catagory4 risk

went for core biopsy today thinking that i had a good chance of being ok i saw nurse before i went in and asked her what the chances were that i had cancer after retrieving my notes she said the consultant has me down as catagory 4 wich i think she said was probable chance is this right or have i misunderstood what she said hope someone can help thanks bablicious

sorry cant help never heard of these figures,just wanted to wish you luck.Vx

Think I can help- when I was first diagnosed in Jan 2007,aged 34, they made me wait whilst they developed my mammogram xrays- whilst they were doing this, i had a nose round the room (as you do!!!) . On the wall,was a chart stating the following (or thereabouts) 1- normal 2, benign- cant remember the rest apart from number 4 was probably malignant and number 5 was definitely malignant. I didnt get my results on that day, but my BC did say to me something along the lines of “your mammo came out at a 4” and at that moment I knew!!
Hope I havent worried you too muchj, but that was my experience
Best wishes and best of luck
ps- had double mastectomy, chemo, rads and am the picture of health now with a full head of fab curly hair!!!

thanks girls that is kind of what i thought dont get results till tues but i can prepare myself thanks bablicious

Hi bablicious,

just wanted to wish you the best of luck for today hope it goes well let us know how you get on. will be thinking of you today take care.

Tracy x x