Cautiously Optomistic

Eight weeks ago I had a CT which showed enlarged lymph nodes in my chest and a 1.3 cm lesion in my lung with a dense area.
I was changed from Arimidex to Femara which I have now been taking for 6 weeks.
I had a repeat CT on Tuesday, when I got back from holiday and have just had the results. The lymph nodes have shrunk with the largest now measuring 7mm. The lesion on my lung is unchanged.
There are 2 possibilities. The first is that the lesion is benign scarring from past pneumonia and that the swollen lymph nodes were an infection. The second is that the Femara has caused the lymph nodes to shrink and stopped the lesion from growing.
I am really hoping it is the first option. I have been told that it takes several weeks for hormonals to become active and it would be unlikely to work so quickly.
I am to have another Ct or Xray in 3 months time, but I am really trying to take this as good news and to stop worrying.
Has anyone had anything similar or have any comments ?

Hi Alison

On my original CT scan, it showed a 1cm lesion on my lung which they thought could be a metestases. However after 5 FEC and 1 Taxotere I had another CT scan which showed the lesion was unchanged.

The doctors told me that as it was unchanged it was likely to be a scar from a violent cough I had last year or from glandular fever as a child.

I too am cautiously optimistic that it is nothing to worry about, in fact I find myself thinking about it very little now.

Hope this helps.

Cecelia. x