cc letter from the hospital to my gp

This mornignI received a letter concerning my recent visit to the breast clinic , i was sent a copy, but the letter was addressed to my GP, it stated that my mammogram on my left breast showed M5 lesions and my right was M1, u also had ultrasounds and biopsies done, involving two lumps one i never know i had and they also biopsied the lymph nodes, did FDA on the lymph nodes in the left armpit, can some one tell me what M% is and is it cancer, or can it be a false negative, is there a chance that the biopsies will come back clear.


could it just be damaged tissue they are seein as i was involved in an incident on a bus where the driver never slowed down for the bus stop and just slammed on his brakes i hit the metal bar, just between my arm and left breast. was very painful at the time, I cant believe this is happening im 45 and have to young children to take care off


it’s normal to receive copies of letters sent to your gp but You shouldn’t be getting them before you have had your results though, do you have an appointment to go back to the clinic for them? I do know what the grading mean although I’m not an expert so please remember nothing is certain until you get results , ive added a link that will help explain Xx Jo