I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about you. How are things today? I hope it is a bit brighter for you and I just wanted to let you know that I think of you…often.

Big hugs to you.

Boo xxx

Hi Babyboo

So touching you thought about me, but please don’t lose any of your precious sleep.

It’s all so rough but everyone says that I’m such a trouper, amazed I’m still standing after all the c**p this year, but what else can you do?

I’m doing OK today thanks very much, a little tearful but that’s more to do with a couple of friends who I feel are drifting away during this, maybe they find it harder to cope that I do!

But please don’t worry, as I say I’m doing fine and all this can only make me stronger!

Cecelia. x

I know what you mean when you say about a couple of friends drifting away… you are not alone on that one. One of my friends admitted she really didn’t know how to cope with the news and thought it best to do nothing at all…pretend it wasn’t happening… It is hard on EVERYONE and each of us has our own way of dealing with things… talk to them…tell them not to be scared…you know the sort of stuff.

BIG BIG BIG BIG huggles to you. xxx I would invite you over for a holiday if it was allowed!

Ah bless you, I actually saw a really good friend today and it’s cheered me up no end. I’ll have a chat with the others if I can find the right moment, for now to be honest, I can do without them. I’m sure they’ll come back eventually…

THANKS so much, again for your concern. Really appreciate it!

Cecelia. xx

Hey ladies,

Same boat here again. Few friends disappeared who don’t appear to be able to cope or know what to say and others who were more distant friends now very close and extremely supportive. everyone copes in different ways and you just have to let people get on with it. Although if i am honest it hurts when people avoid you.



Yes it really does hurt, and being single and living on my own it’s really obvious to me who and how!

It makes me more frustrated than anything else, I always find myself telling my other friends that everything is fine when it’s not because I’m scared I’ll drive them away if I complain! Had some big fat temper tears this weekend because of it!

Cecelia. x


Sorry to hear that, it lucky we have this website, i found it very supportive and theraputic to help with all our queries. I have found that my husbands family have been the worst, they have seen me probably once since 4th may! I find it very hurtful and it makes me want to rant and rave and phon them all and say where the hell have you been, but my husband says just ignore it and don’t let it upset you, but it does! I find i think awful things like just wait til you need me then i will not bother, but actually i wouldn’t do that cause thats not me. I think people just don;t realise that for us stuck at home feeling ill and yucky for ages on end is awful and when they say oh i can’t come this week i am busy that that is a really long time for us longing for a bit of adult conversation or something to take our mind of our troubles.

Well that was all depressing, sorry i wanted to cheer you up LOL i think i should shut up. Just hang on to the good friends you;ve got and let them know they are appreciated. I text my friends every day to thank them for being so supportive.


Thanks Gaynor

It helps a lot to talk on this board, just to rant because like you say you can’t call and have a go at people. I confess I’ve had those thoughts too but as you say, it’s not me and I would like to think I’d be there for them if anything happened.

Some people are so wrapped up in themselves sometimes, but as I say thank God for this board, at least people understand.

Thanks for your support

Cecelia. x