How are you today my sweet.
My heart goes out to you completely and i pray your heart will be mended soon.

take care my friend
love claire xxxxxxx

I second that cee we all love you to bit and I do hope your ok xxxx


Thought I would say hello too. Hope you are OK, well as well as you can be in the circumstances. So sorry about your brother and hope his funeral went as well as it could. You are having such a horrible, tough time right now, so am sending you lots of hugs and cuddles and loads of kisses and thinking about you.

Take care and look after yourself.

godbless you all,
feeling bit better today, done some more packing today, hate it so much to pack, the funeral was ok as they go, but its getting much harder to bury them, 4 brothers in 5yrs
mum and dad over 20yrs ago non made it to 60yrs and i,m 54 so i get scared
your all wonderful i,m so blessed to have friends like you
love you all