Celebrating Milestones

I have just passed my 2 yrs since being diagnosed. This does, of course, mean that I’m due a mammogram soon (next month) but I’m trying not to think too much about that.

These days I just pop onto this site every now and then and mostly I’m pleased to say it all feels like a distant and surreal memory. It is reassuring to know that the site’s here in case, perish the thought, I or others need it again.

Two years on my main obsession is geocaching and most of my time/energy goes on that rather than dwelling on the past (better than housework too).

So who else has a cause for celebration and/or milestone happening that they’re happy about?


Well done for reaching 2yrs!!

I am 16 months from dx.

We need more of this on here. I realise that people who dont get a recurrance or mets, probably in time wean themself off this site, but there must be some of you still on here with good positive stories?

Come on lets hear some more positives to give us all hope…

Hi…some of us with mets do try and wean ourselves off the site…I think it’s a good move although the forums are so addictive! I’m trying to post less now. :slight_smile: Enjoy the sunshine, less time indoors at the pc.
I was diagnosed with bone mets nearly 6 years ago…I’m feeling very well…and never take this for granted for one minute. I’ve just celebrated my 50th Birthday and have 2 beautiful grandchildren born since my diagnosis.
Celebrate every milestone Mousy and Lolly. x…x

I,m 3yrs on fron dx on saturday, havin becker implants put in on fri, carn,t wait,
congrats to you,

Ive been wanting to hear stories like these for some time now but i havent been looking in the right places it seems!!! I was dx Oct 31st 2008 and have had a mx and node clearance on my right side… 3 FEC and 3 Taxotere and i’m having my last (or 20) rads tomorrow!!! YIPEE!! So proud I made it to this point without losing my mind completely! Next step is to have my left breast removed, tissue expander in and hopefully this time next year i’ll have a matching pair of new boobs!!

How did each of your reconstructive surgeries go?? I’m struggling to find any decent pictures online so if you know of any helpful sites i can look up, i’d be very grateful.

How are you coping on tamoxifen if your on it that is… I’m 3 weeks in and ready to give up!!

How long before eyelashes and brows came back? I know its different for everyone but i’m eager to get a round about time, sick of watching and waiting for it!!!

I want to feel normal again!!! Will this ever happen??? (Although, i dont think i was ‘normal’ to begin with!!!

Take care of yourselves and i’ll be sure to start my own thread when I have an anniversary of my very own! Julia oxoxoxo

Hi Julia,

bcpals have a surgery album on their forum where members have contributed photos of their surgeries, some before & after shots of various types of reconstructions, including nipple & tatooing etc. If that was of help to you I can pm you the link.


Excellent. Good to hear some more success stories.

On the subject of eyebrows and eyelashes, I can say that mine started coming back quite soon afterwards (maybe 2-3 weeks?) but were quite itchy/spiky. I’m afraid I pulled out a few that were giving me grief so they took longer to look normal again than they ought to have…

BUT… and maybe this is something else I should celebrate… My underarm hair never came back… :slight_smile:

Funny thing is it took several months to notice, hey, I still haven’t got any… Now I think I can safely say underarm shaving is an activity of the past…

Re: operations… Happy to say that I managed to avoid the mastectomy due to chemo before op working well. Just have scars from lumpectomy and nodes and a bit of a dip.

Re: further treatment… None, due to being triple neg…

Just a bit on tenterhooks in case the mammo finds anything…

At this stage I have no idea whether I started menopause or not due to mini-pill suppressing monthly cycle anyway. Not sure whether it’s worth finding out as it doesn’t serve much purpose if I’m feeling OK (just got the menopause brain so far I think…LOL)