Cell biopsy has shown abnormal cells.

Hello I’m hoping I’ve got the correct forum, I’m new and here’s my story:-

I’m 40 years old and 5 weeks ago found a lump in my left breast, plucked up the courage to see gp who sent me to the breast clinic, had mammogram, scan and cell biopsy and all indicators were heading towards the lump being a fibroadenoma.

Went for the results of the cell biopsy on Tuesday of this week and the doctor explained that they had found abnormal cells and requested that I should have a core biopsy which I’ve had today, I’ve got an appointment to see the same doctor next Friday 3rd September.

I’ve been looking at this site since I found my lump and have found it comforting reading some of your stories, you’re all so positive, helpful and an inspiration, I know that at this stage nobody can reassure me of what my diagnosis will be next week but I felt I just needed some outlet for the way I’m feeling at the moment and to know that ladies on here would have felt the same anxieties as I’m feeling at this very moment.

Thanks for ‘listening’ x

Hi hope40,

I can imagine how anxious you’ll be feeling right now - I’m glad you found the forums, i found them back in January, a couple of weeks after diagnosis and have found it invaluable since then. For most people its most difficult at the beginning, either extreme worry and anxiety or shock and deep sadness. There’s no point in telling you not to worry, i know you will - what i will tell you is that the women here will be here for you regardless of the outcome of the tests. We all know what its like. I’m hoping for the best for you, please let us know how you are and keep posting in the lead up to next week if you find it helpful.



Thanks Lyn

I did post a reply but don’t know where it’s gone to so I’ll try again.

Think the thing which really frightened me more was when the doctor came to tell me about these abnormal cells he bought in with him a Macmillan nurse, at the time I must have just turned pale as I’d gone loaded with questions about the Fibroadenoma and the removel of it and also I’d gone on my own as I just wasn’t expecting there to be anything wrong, the Macmillan nurse was lovely and she tried to reassure me that they just wanted to do a further biopsy to see what was going on.

Just keeping my fingers crossed for the 3rd September and hopefully I’ll have an answer to what’s going on.

Thanks again for your reply, I keep coming onto this site as it makes me feel less alone at this awful ‘waiting for the results’ time xxx

I understand your worry. I have my biopsy on Wednesday and have been terribly worried. Looking through this site, I feel so much better knowing there’s so much help and support.

Feel like I’m writing in a diary coming on here but it helps and it’s a place I can come to to let off a bit of steam while I’m waiting for my results to come through.

Well it’s now Monday so only 4 more days to go until results day. I’m trying to remain positive and my 4 year old son keeps me more than busy so that takes my mind off this awful waiting time, sometimes though I just need a release as underneath I’m pretty frightened of what might lay ahead. I’m back at work tomorrow for two days (I work three days a week) and have a full day to occupy my son on Thursday (soft play me thinks) so Ill be keeping busy.

Friday morning is going to drag, my appointment for my biopsy results is at 11.30am I’ve got both my mum and partner coming with me this time for support so just keeping my fingers crossed that it’s good news but preparing myself also if it’s not, well trying to, how do you prepare for that?

I’ll probably be back on later with my ramblings of how I’m feeling but it helps me to get these feelings off my chest so that I can continue my day with my family.

Hi Hope40 and three swans,

Just wanted to say hi and good luck for your appointments on Wed and Fri. It is a very scary time and it’s good to be able to come on here and de-stress a bit.

Hope it goes well for both of you let us know .


Hi three swans and Murdo

Sorry three swans, I didn’t see your reply when I posted this morning but I wish you all the luck for Wednesday and fingers tightly crossed for you xxx

Thank you Murdo, this site has given me an outlet for my worry, it also is an inspiration as there are so many strong positive ladies on here who have been through so much, it’s quite humbling reading through some of the past and present threads xxx

Sorry just realised your name is Jayne Murdo, thank you Jayne, I’m Lesley :o) x

Hi Lesley & all
My names Stella, I was diagnosed June 09, (quadrantdectomy, chemo & rads with 2/11 lymph nodes involved). My biopsy also showed suspicious cells and unfortunately I was diagnosed with BC.
When I went in for the biopsy results they then had my treatment plan all ready planned.
May I suggest you read through some of the forums as I did as the information on this website is second to none. It enabled me to understand what my consultant was telling me; I was then able to ask pertinant questions about my treatment etc…
Write down any questions you may have & take them with you on the 3rd…
I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you Lesley!
Big hugs
Stella xxx

No problem Lesley. Yes good advice to write down any questions you have xxx

Thank you Stella and Jayne x

Stella hope you don’t mind me asking a question. Did you have a cell biopsy at first and was this the biopsy which showed the suspicious cells?

I’m just trying to prepare myself I suppose, I think the abnormal cell result has surprised the Doctor too as the mammogram and scan were both pointing towards the lump being a fibroadenoma, at the moment I find it hard to even touch my left breast, I feel like it’s not part of me at the moment, not until I know what’s going on in there, don’t know if that’s usual or not but it’s my way of dealing with it.

I will carry on reading through this site though as there is lots of useful information and thanks again ladies xxx

Hi Lesley,
No problem, ask away… Yes it was the cell biopsy that came back as suspicious.
I had a fine needle aspiration as the consultant believed that the lump in my boob was caused by the breast tissue thickening… it wasn’t until the results of that came through as suspicious that they took me seriously. They then called me back in to do a mammogram & ultrasound. I was told I had BC whilst having the US. I then had to wait 2 weeks for my appointment with the consultant to find out what kind of breast cancer I had with the grade & the stage of it.
I wanted to know my prognosis, not everyone does but I did.
Big hugs
Stella XXX

Thank you Stella.

So you had the diagnosis in June '09, have you responded well to the chemo and rads? and over a year later how are you, you look well in your photo so this is another inspiring story to hold onto for me.

Thing is on my scan all the pointers were that it was a fibroadenoma so I’m sort of trying to hang onto this even though those damn cells aren’t playing ball, my more positive side thinks well at least the Doctor didn’t say the cells were malignant, the more negative side of me just doesn’t know what to think, hoping the core biopsy reveals more and hope it tells me one way or the other, I hope it’s not inconclusive and I have to play this waiting game again after more tests.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply xxx

Just another question if anybody out there know’s the answer.

When telling me about these abnormal cell findings the Doctor asked me if I’d recently been pregnant, I haven’t but it’s puzzled me since why he asked, it’s one of those questions you wished you’d answered why to at the time.

Thanks xxx

Hi. I just looked up fibroadenoma in google and it mentioned they are more common in pregnant women so that is probably why the doctor asked that question.
Also google mentioned fibroadenoma lumps have smooth edges whereas mine showed up as undefined edges. Learn something new every day and its over a year since I was diagnosed.

Hi Lesley
Yes I have responded to the treatment well and had a fairly smooth journey throughout the whole of my treatment.
Have just recently had my 1st mammogram a year since my surgery and have just come across a letter from the hospital regarding my results (We’re moving on Thursday so house in disarry)they’ve requested that I go back for more mammos, anyhow thats a different string. (I have posted it under waiting for results & all input wld be much appreciated.

OBTW the photo was taken 10 days ago with my new hair extensions.(They only lasted 4 days):slight_smile:

Big hugs to all

STella XXX

Hope the results come back positive for you Lesley, i don’t really know anything about abnormal cells and what that implies or doesn’t. It is not nice waiting to find out and having it hang over you like this. It’s good to let off steam here. Fingers crossed for you xxx

Just saw your post Stella, good luck with your follow up mamo hope it all goes well xxx

Thank you Jayne… X

Thank you Jayne and Stella x

Stella best of luck for your follow up mammograms x

Wishing you well with your results Stella. Thanks everyone.