Cervical cancer vaccine

Thought I’d give some information, if anyone is interested for their daughters.

The cervical cancer vaccine will be routinely offered to girls in year 8 (age 12/13), but there will also be a catch-up exercise for girls currently in years 9 - 13.

My younger daughter will be included in the catch-up program, but my older daughter is one year too old. How could I have one vaccinated and not the other? So I am paying privately for my older daughter. It is costing £450 - a lot of money, but how could I live with myself if she hadn’t had it and then got cervical cancer? There are three injections - the 2nd one being one month after the first, and the 3rd one six months after the first. I am paying £150 each time.

My own GP does not do it - I had to go to a private GP, who I found by ringing the Health Protection Agency.

This might be valuable when they also vaccinate the boys who spread the HPV around. (Not that I am in favour of this vaccination anyway.)

I think it will eventually be given to boys too. It was the same with the rubella vaccine, I believe - that started as a girls only thing, but went on to include boys later when it was realised that you need to eliminate the disease from the whole population. But I think that this vaccine is a move in the right direction. The twin sister of a friend of mine died of cervical cancer, aged just 30. It struck her down very quickly. So sad, I don’t want that to happen to my girls.