cervical screening

i had to go and have my smear test last week i told the gps that i was having chemo and im sure it would give abnormal result well today i got the letter to say i had borderline changes why on earth didnt they listen to me , now i have to go back in nov to go through it all again dont they think we have enough to worrie about
rant over

does chemo cause abnormal smears then?
Its good to have a rant and even if you do no one seems to listen.

I deal with smear test results at the GP surgery where I work. Chemotherapy does not cause abnormal results. Borderline is very very early changes, They repeat the smear in six months as in most cases it clears up by itself if it has not done that in six months they will refer you to a colposcopy clinic at your local hospital for more extensive tests and treatment if necessary.

A lot of ladies have smears during chemo.

i was told chemo can effect the results but they still go ahead with them any ways

Hi this is from breastcancer.org it’s in a list of things to do before chemo starts.

“Get a Pap smear. Chemotherapy can make the results of your Pap smear (the test for cervical cancer) temporarily abnormal.”

I’ve had 2 borderline smears and just had another one done and that was normal.The nurse told me that if the third one had not reverted back to normal then further investigations would be necessary to see if treatment was needed.Mines nothing to do with chemo though,I finished that 3 years ago lol.


I had a smear while I was having chemo. The nurse said she would inform the lab about the chemo in case my results looked weird, but that I should definitely still have one anyway. As it happened it turned out normal.

Maz, I am sure I have read that even an “abnormal” result does not necessarily mean anything terrible, I do hope everything is okay for you. You are absolutely right we have enough to worry about :frowning:

Best wishes to you xxxxxx

wot get me with the abnormal results is they want to test you again in 6 months ok but if it is bad 6 month is long enough for it to take over and if it is a case of the test after 3 abnormal result well i would of thought it time to give up if they all bad
im just going to try and forget about it but it aint easy

Hi I was a bit worried when I had to have another smear because of borderline changes and that one came back borderline too but the third one was normal.There is a lady on here Lulu34 she is a nurse and deals with smear tests she posted some information on here but I can’t find it.Anyway I do remember that she said there are 4 levels of changes


Borderline and mild changes in most cases revert back to normal and after 3 borderline they like to investigate.I think that with severe they send you straight for investigation but even with severe it could mean having treatment but it doesn’t mean its cancer.


hi honeybee

as mel said borderline changes and mild changes very often revert back to normal… its more likely to be coincidental than a result of chemotherapy as about 5% of smear results come back as borderline.

cervical changes occur slowly so 6 months is the normal time for recall as it takes around 6 months for the cells removed to grow back and for many this will revert back to normal at the next smear. if it stays as borderline then after 3 they would normally do further investigation called colposcopy, or if it changed to moderate or severe changes (all of which are precancerous changes).

not sure if your a smoker but smokers do tend to have a higher incidence of abnormal smears.

i wouldnt be overly concerned and like you say would try and put it out of your mind until you get your recall.

Lulu xxx

its forgotton about i think it more to do with chemo as i have never had any changes in my life and i have smoked for the past 30 yrs
but thanks for the info
maz x