Chances of HER2 positivity

Hi all


how do others cope with the constant waiting for results?  I am now recovered well from a double lumpectomy.  A further patch was found on the day of surgery, and surgeon removed both.  One small lump is ER positive and her2 negative.  No lymph node involvement.  Am now waiting for final assessment for second lump.  I am 56 is it possible to have two lumps with different her2 status?


all through my treatment I have been told I am early stage and I can be cured.  Am now so anxious that this new situation puts me in a different category.  Feel so down today and finding it difficult to wait for another lot of results.  


Sending care and companionship to us all via the forum!

Hi Patricia,

Well, waiting for results will be got through, it does resolve, but it’s certainly no walk in the park.

Its good the nodes are clear & it has been caught early.

Obviously, the testing ensures you get the correct treatment, so it will still be dealt with if it is her2+, however,

I would not know whether it would be possible for the lumps to have different diagnoses, but I would have thought it is unlikely.

ann x