Change of brand from Letrozole by Teva back to Femara

Hi there,

A couple of months ago the pharmacist dispensed me the generic form of Letrozole, made by Teva, instead of my regular Femara brand of Letrozole.
I found my skin very dry, cracked and red and requested Femara the next time.
I started the Femara pack 2 days ago and began bleeding from the vagina today.

Had anyone else found this happening with a change of brand?

Thanks for reading.

Hi puddleduck, I’ve been given the generic form too, it’s cheaper i think! I haven’t noticed any changes thankfully, but i would suggest that you let the Dr know about the bleeding. x

I have had several different brands since femera licence ended.Teva is the brand I had most new side effects with (mainly nausea and diarrohia).My pharacist has said to try to decide which brand suits me best and he will order that for me.I have never had bleeding problems and think that is one side effect you should check out

L xx

the amount of Letrazole is the same in the generic form as it is in Femara. Therefore there should be no link re a change causing bleeding. The base powders may differ but these do so only slightly and should not effect the active drug and it’s dosage.
I would agree with Minny and Lucinda who suggest you let your team know about the bleeding. It is probably nothing to worry about but needs checking.
I hooe all goes well

My onc said the active ingredients are exactly the same which ever brand you have. I’ve had three different brands - I guess it just depends on what the pharmacist has in stock at the time I order a repeat prescription and cost for the the GP too. Personally I haven’t noticed any difference in side-effects although I suppose this might be different for people who have sensitivities to inactive ingredients.

Just to say that I think the difference in ingredients is in the coating.


Just wanted to say I was on Femara. Have been changed to the generic Letrozole mylan on the front of the box and the side effects I had on Femara have gone. I have been on Letrozole for nearly 2 years.

I don’t know if this is because my body is more used to the Letrozole. I had terrible joint pain and stiffness on Femara but now these side effects have gone.

Has anyone else experienced this.

Love Anne

Good to hear Anne. People assume that generic brands are somehow inferior but it sounds like your change from Femara has been a positive experience.