Change of diet question

Hi folks,

I think I am going to answer my own question but your input is always welcome.

As part of my ongoing treatment and desire to keep my cancer at bay I decided to eliminate some foods from my diet. Recently I have been suffering with painful legs (Particularly knees) and some pain on my left hand side, lower torso.

I am not worrying this is the spread of the cancer because the pain in the limbs seems symmetrical.

I do think it is my change in diet. I always eat fairly well before no processed foods, salt etc. I haven’t had cows milk for about a year but my change in diet includes cutting out red meat, I still eat fish and chicken once a week.

I have increased fruit, vegetables and pulses and seeds and eat that awful tofu for protein.

Has anyone else tried a change of diet and felt general aches and pains, did they pass or do you think I may be missing out any essential nutrients?

I know I ought to consult a doctor or other professional but I think I am on their phone enough over other things. Anyway you folks tend to be just as expert in giving advice.

Many thanks


Hi Carol
It sounds that you are doing well with your change of diet.I have change a bit too.I love to eat sea bass,sardines and mackarel but i still eat pork & meat but less than before.I love tofu,being from Philippines originally but i have read recently that Soya maybe too sticky for us,BC sufferers.I tried soya milk and tofu before but lessen my intake since.I tried goats milk or rice milk instead of normal milk.In the afternoons and evenings, I have been drinking green tea or jasmine tea to cleanse.Yes,i try to avoid processed food.I love to cook meals even for my pack lunch.Then ,i know how fres they are and level of salt.I try to avoid anything with preservatives as it seems to upset my stomach.Whne i crave for something naughty,i eat in moderation.These days,i love to munch carrot and celery sticks.We have a filipini dish made og mung beans,like a soup but you eat it with rice.I noticed that i halved the amount of my rice intake as it is too heavy for my digestion.roast butternut squash is very nice and so are different vegetables.I also eat a bittermelon(asian vegetable) stirred fry and this is good for the red blood cells and circulation.

Hope it helps.


Thank you Rose

That does help, do you do anything with Tofu other than grill, roast or crumble into soups?.
I find it so bland.


Hi again ,

We filipinos fry them crispy outside but dip in a teriyaki like mixture(homemade) made of soya sauce,vinegar,a bit of sugar and chopped onions to give flavour.This mixture should have a balanced taste of sweet and sour.My husband is English and loved to eat this tofu with the dip in particular.Just mixed the liquids and sugar in a small cup or bowl until the taste is acquired thenmix the chopped onions.Another way is to stir fry the crispy tofu with ginger,garlic and spring onion and a bit of soy sauce and water if you prefer to have a sauce.
Hope you like this.

Thanks again Rose,

I have been looking for tofu receipts obviously in the wrong place because the dip sounds lovely. I’ll give it a try and let you know how I went on.

Bye for now