change of implant

Hi there


Have any of you ladies ever had a becker implant changed to a permanent silicone one.  I had a becker saline one put in about 18 months ago.  I still have the port in and it feels very uncomfortable.  The breast also feels like a deflated water bottle even though it has been topped up.


I recently saw my surgeon who is very reluctant to do the change saying that it is unnecessary and there will be no difference.  He also said there was a possibility of infection and other complications.


I would appreciate any views  Regards Chris

I had a saline one,became capsulated,so after 18 months had silicone one inserted.mine was very uncomfortable as well…I really hope you can this sorted.please keep us posted on this thread.Yes,may be a risk of infection, however,that is something that can be overcome.

Thank you ladies 


Your replies have been a great help.  Perhaps my surgeon has too many mx’s to do hence trying to fob me off.  There seem to be far too many referrals.  If I had the money I feel like going private just to get this journey over with.


Regards Chris

I’m due to have expander put in mud may after Chemo then rads 3 weeks later. The plan is to replace with silicon at a later date.

Please keep posting as I’d like to follow your stories!