Changes in breast 4 years after treatment.

Hi had bc in jan 2008 had chemo and rads. Breast now has changed alittle, is a bit smaller and nipple has gone under slightly, it always feels hard and lumpy, could be scar tissue but it is the nipple that has changed about a month a go, seeing the oncologist in a few weeks so will get themto check it out, anyone had anything similar?

I would go and see the Onc earlier if you can…its a long time to be worrying! I had nipple kind of twisted over to one side although it did not have cancer in the end but the cancer was pulling it all over…

Hi Sarah

I am sure others will be along shortly to advise but in the meantime, do call the Helpline for further support if you need it.

They’re on 0808 800 6000 and are open 9-5 tomorrow.

Best wishes



Hi Sarah, I would agree with Sascha that you need to contact your BCN or Consultant’s Secretary and ask for an urgent appointment. If this is anything sinister you will need mammogram, scans etc and they all take time to set up, and then the wait for results.

At my first diagnosis I did not have surgery as chemotherapy completely shrunk the tumour which was about 5cm. But my breast remained lumpy and 5 years on I was aware of changes going on in the breast that did not feel right to me. It did take me many weeks to convince them that I had a recurrence. If you have any doubts at all once they have checked things out you must keep up the pressure. Sorry if that all sounds a bit dramatic but I speak from my own experience. If it is any help you are welcome to pm me.


Hi i have now have been diagnosed with a recurrance in the same breast as the original b.c after nearly 5 years, totally gutted. Now facing a mastectomy , need to have ct scan and bone scans so fingers crossed it has not spread. Had a clear mammo in feb this year but noticed changes to the breast in aug so after mammo , ultra sound and biopsy was told it had come back !

Anyone got any advice re mastectomy or reconstruction i have large bbos 40e so am concerned at getting an even look , i know there are lots of ops involved, just waiting for scans now,

What a nightmare xxx

Hi Sarah,

I’m so sorry to read your news. I just felt for you when you started the thread because it sounded like my story all over again! As I said in that post mine came back in the same breast after the 5 years when I really thought I was over it! Life sucks eh. I think your decision is a difficult one with large boobs. It is not easy to live with just one that size and I think will put quite a strain on your back and posture. You certainly need to have a good talk to your onc & surgeon to discuss your options unless you think you would want a reconstruction back to your normal size! I don’t think many people are happy with a prosthesis the original size either as they are very heavy. It is difficult because once they have done the various scans they will probably need to get on with surgery unless they are planning to do chemo first. If that is the case it will give you a bit of time to explore options.

Best of luck with the scans and do come back and let us know how it all goes.