Changes to diagnosed fibroadenoma

I was diagnosed with a fibroadenoma just before Christmas. However it has changed. It sounds strange, but it feels like it has a separation line, kind of like its being tied in the middle. I can feel the ridge. It does not feel round/oval any more. Should I mention it to my doctor, or is it normal for them to change.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Always get any changes you notice investigated… Its maybe nothing but you wouldn’t want to just leave it if it’s changing without somebody checking it first.


Hi leela,

I would certainly have that looked at…

Thanks, will do. Is it possible for another fibroadenoma to grow on top of the existing one?

Hi leela,

I don’t know enough about them to answer your question. Fibroadenoma has been mentioned in the discussions around my “mass” which is 11mm by 4mm.

My research has thrown up that they are oestrogen linked, which is why they’re more common in younger women and if no larger than 3mm they will be left and monitored as a woman’s oestrogen levels drop they are likely to shrink over time.

I have not yet had a confirmed diagnosis, so therefore I am simply reading about them at the moment, as I never had any breast issues, apart from an infection in 2003, where I had discharge from my left breast and that wsa cleared up with a course of antibiotics.

What did they say when the diagnosis was confirmed? Are they monitoring you?

Hey Sommer, thanks for your reply. I am 28 and the fibroadenoma was diagnosed before christmas, i havent been seen since, I remember it was an ovalish shape and firm, they had trouble with the fna but managed get a bit of what they needed after a few ‘pokes’. Its just strange to me, how it feels so different now and it got me wondering if another could have grown on top of the existing one or maybe its getting tied off with tissue inside the breast. I will nip back to my docs and see what they think regardless :slight_smile: Thanks again.

HI there leela,

So did they diagnose after the FNA? Did they not state that it will be monitored with a floow up appointmet? I too had trouble with the FNA, which came back as not enough cell withdrawal.

I do know, that women can have multiple fibroadenomas, that’s as far as my knowledge goes, maybe give the helpline here a call, they are clued up on this.