Changes to scar tissue or something more worrying?

I am hoping some of you ladies can advise me.

I had a WLE 3 and half years ago followed by rads. The WLE was quite big, taking a fair amount from the front of my breast including most of the nipple. I was left with what always seemed like a lot of really hard scar tissue, in fact it felt as if someone had shoved a misshapen lump of concrete in my boob. Most of the scar tissue went alongside the top and bottom of the scar line but there has always been an irregularly shaped bit which ‘poked up’ from the rest of the scar tissue.

Over time I’ve noticed that the scar tissue seems to have lessened, as if it’s taking up less of my breast than it used to. The irregular ‘poking up’ bit is still there but even that seems smaller. It is still as hard as ever.

About a week ago I noticed a slight new dent just above the poking up bit. Is it possible for scar tissue to change/shift about 3 years down the line? My OH thinks it has just shrunk back a bit more but I don’t know if scar tissue continues to change. I have to see my consultant next week for results of a bone scan, which is already stressing me out. I know I’m going to have to front it up and ask him about the little dent at the same time and hope he can give me reassurance there is nothing sinister, but it is just adding to my worry. I did have a mammo 2 months ago which was clear.

Have any of you has anything similar? Do you know if scar tissue can continue to change a bit over time? Any advice would be welcome.

Linda x

sorry i dont know but bumping this up so that maybe someone can help.

Hi there

If you had a clear mammogram two months ago, I think the chance of something being missed (I would imagine they would have been looking very clearly at that area due to that being where you had your original cancer) would be very unlikely. Or suddenly growing in two months to a lump you can feel. I am at the Marsden and have microscopic cancer cells left from a lumpectomy done at the end of March. I was worried because I am not having the surgery to the beginning of July that it could have spread, but I was told cancer grows very very slowly, and would take a very long time to become a lump and thats from a team of experts at a centre of excellence.

Hope this helps a bit.

SGL xx


Yes it does help - thanks so much for replying.

Linda x

Your really welcome, its such a scary tightrope that we walk and this site is so good for that extra bit of support when we have wobbles.

Let me know how you get on.

SGL xx

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hi all

There is another helpful thread on here which is about breast lumpiness after WLE. I have a similar concern with my surgery being last September and have noticed some changes. This other thread was really helpful to me. Perhaps you can check it out for additional info. Good luck with your apt. J.

Hi Linda, I had a tiny bump in my Mx scar 12 months after and this turned out to be local recurrence. The chances are that it’s probably nothing, but after my experience, I would get everything checked out and I think you should phone your surgeons sec and get an apt. It won’t harm anything.
Annie x x x

Rads can cause your breast to go very hard and lumpy. The underside of my breast was so rock hard for ages after I had rads that I was unable to self examine. I still have hardening to a patch on the underside and near the scar tissue area over 4 years on.

Hi again Ladies,

Just wanted to update you. Had appointment at breast clinic yesterday. Doc examined me pretty thoroughly and said nothing to worry about - all just scar tissue and nothing suspicious.

He said that as well as scar tissue forming after op and rads, the surgery site also fills up with a kind of fluid that also hardens and feels like scar tissue too. However over time this hardened fluid gradually dissipates and can leave you with a bit of a dented look. Thats what I’ve got. He said the scar tissue itself may also shrivel and feel less obvious eventually but will never completely go, there will always be some hard lumpiness there. He also confirmed - just as you said SGL - that when they check the mammos they will look very carefully at the surgery area.

The orginal reason for my appointment was to get results of bone scan and that was OK too! Just got normal wear and tear - big, big relief all round.

Thanks so much to all for posting. I really hope you are all doing as well as you can on this BC rollercoaster.

Linda xx