Im am 3wks past my final chemo my body still aches and my feet are a nightmare when will i be able to feel a little bit normal im sat here waiting for a mariacle i think patience is not one of my best assets

Elaine it will come bit by bit, not all at once. Maybe keep a diary say once a week putting in it small things that you have noticed getting better. I remember thinking when I got to say 3mths, then 6mths thinking how much better I felt. Although I thought I had ‘got there’ I found when looking back a year on that improvements kept on coming. It is gradual and you need to be kind to yourself. I’ve been there far to many times but each of them seemed to have followed a similar pattern.


thanks dawn will do that least ive had my monnies worth out of my diary this yr

Hi Elaine, I agree with Dawn that it does take time. But you will feel better eventually you just need to be patient. I never thought of the diary bit…may do that next time. I came off my chemo last Christmas and I really feel well at the moment. I still get tired when I overdo things but it does get better…Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery and getting back to “normal” again. Val

Hopefully there is never a next time for any of us weve done enough

Hi, had last Chemo (fec/tax) in July and patience is not my best asset either, willing my hair and lashes to grow, wishing for these awful muscle pains to disappear. Possibly a combination of Chemo, being kicked into menopause and tamoxifen. It’s the legs which really ache still all of the time, take nurofen to get some sleep between the flushes. Can’t quite remember how I felt before, sure the new “normal” is different! Tina xx

I havnt felt well since I have been on Taxotere,Last one tomorrow but am very anxious,spent 5 days in hospital with an infection after I became neutropenic over the bank holiday,I know that the next couple of weeks are going to be rough and although I feel guilty at not being pleased I am nearly at the end I still feel I have a mountain to climb.It is probably that I am just exhausted from the last six months that I feel like this,not long now,think radiotherapy will be a much easier journey than the chemo.tx

Hi, i’m 6 weeks post chemo today, i’m still very tired, cannot sleep at night because of hot flushes, i am up 6+ times a night. But when morning comes i could sleep all day. I am really having to force myself to get up. I am thinking about returning to work but i am scared that i’m not going to be able to cope. I work 10 hour days as a chef.
Returning shorter days isnt possible, so i am thinking the longer i wait the stronger i’ll be, but then the longer i leave it, the harder its going to be. If that makes sense.
I’m going to the doctors next tues, to see if there is anything that will help with the hot flushes, and the aches and pains, i think if i could get a bit of sleep at night i might be able to cope more, and begin to return to normal, whatever normal is after this.

HYi Sharon, Be kind to yourself and give your body time to repair itself…I know you would like to get back to normality but what’s the rush? Working as a chef is hard and you need to have lots of stamina to last the shifts. Take as long as you need and don’t feel bad about it. You will know when you are ready…and I think it is too soon yet. Much love V