Changing from tamoxifen to exemestane

Hi All,
Just had a letter from my onc. to say that i am now post menapausal and wants to change me from tamoxifen to exemestane. Most of the comments i see on here about exemestanes aren’t good, joint pains, swollen fingers etc.
i will be on calcium as well and have to have a bone scan. will i swap straight from one to the other?
Anyone got any good experiences to share?
marg xx

Hi Delamere

I’ve had both Tamoxifen and Exemestane.

Give me Exemestane any day. Mild flushes, no joint pain, only weird thing was a mini panic attack just before the flush - for a few secs, no big deal.

Don’t know of any reason why you wouldn’t swap straight from one to the other…



Hello there, I was on tamoxifen then swopped to exemastane about 2 + years ago. I stuck with exemastane for about 8 or so months but got horrendous joint pains and stiffness. I sail a bit and it was so bad i would lie in my bunk and wonder how i was going to be able to climb out of the bunk!! I was trying to get exercise at the time (good for my fitness ) but very discouraging when so stiff etc. however, they swopped me to arimidex and there was a bit of stiffness etc but it has all more or less settled down - or at least within manageable levels. My hot flushes are abating too. I think i will be on these drugs til the summer time, then fingers crossed they will let me off without taking anything!

Good luck. I read the outcomes healthwise and it seemed to me that the aromatase inhibitors have really improved outcomes, compared with the tamoxifen, which is good news.


Thanks for your replies,
I seem to get more reassurance on here than from the professionals!!
looking forward to not having flushes so bad. maybe will have to put up with the joint pains if i get them, seems to be pros and cons to all the treatments. hopefully i will only need to take them about 18 months and then maybe nothing!!
marg xx

Nice to hear others are moving onto the exemestane drug, i have not been able to speak to anyone as yet that has. I changed over last November. Do seem to get more hot flushes with Exe… than i did with tamoxofen. Definately more joint pain. But the way i look at it i am still here to moan about the side effects which can only be good.

Well we are all different, I was on Tamoxifen for 3 months then due to side effects I was on Arimidex, I lasted 6 months on that horrendous flushes, weight gain, Carpal Tunnel and could hardly walk with the pain in my joints. I saw my ONC in early March and she changed me to Aromasin, so I have been on it 3 weeks remarkable improvemnent in everything, very little joint pain and not many hot flushes. I take red clover blossom for flushes and pain killers and Glucosomine, with chrondroitin and MSM. I find both help

Give me Aromasin any day!!


Can anyone on Exemestane tell me if they are experiencing PMT like symptoms. I have been on them a few months now ( previousley on Tamoxifen for 5 years ) I dont have periods and havent done for the duration. My hot swets dont seem to be as bad if hardly any on Exemestane but i seem to have such a low mood all the time. I recenlty had to have a Polyp removed which apparently was quite large an di am still waiting to hera the results. Any info would be great as i dont sem to speak to many people who are on this - even the drs dont seem to of heard of it most of the time.


I was swapped to exemestane 8 weeks ago - as the arimedex had stopped working,as had new spread in my liver and spine (already have in both lungs too but they are stable) i hated being on arimedex and feel so much better on exemestane - i used to suffer terribly from anxiety and depression every 3 days or so on arimedex, but since being on exemestane for 8 weeks i have not had a single down day :slight_smile: which is amazing, the only side effect i am having is hot flushes twice a day but they dont last long - no other symptoms to report.

fingers xd that its workin waitin for my scan results to see if its had effect - if not its onto xeloda :frowning:

R :slight_smile:

Hi Zippy

seems strange to addres you as that.

FIngers crossed for you that it is working. I think all these drugs affect us all differently. At least we are here to be taking them!! Keep your spirits up and stay positive