Changing shape!

Has anyone had an immediate implant? I’ve had one 6 weeks ago, and chuffed with the result, but it does seem to “change” shape on a daily basis…is this normal??

Hi, I had an immediate implant put in on February, it was the ADM implant, with the hammock. What did u have? My implant sometimes changes shape, also get the odd wrinkle too!! Nurse said its normal, I didn’t have the expander put in, my breasts quite small anyway. Very pleased with implant, quite perky! Xx

That’s made me LOL - reason being I had an immediate implant and I went for a spa treatment and laid on my front and when i got up my false boob had all the imprints in from the pattern of the bed i was laid on! It was like a memory foam mattress and eventually all pinged out after 5 mins!! It does wrinkle up if i lean forward in the bath etc ?