Changing treatment

Hi ladies Ive been on kisquali and fulvestant injections for 8 mts and no side effects. All good really. Ct scan results today show reduction in lung and chest nodes but increase in one met in my liver. Have to change to some kind of chemo. Paclipaxel and Cape have been mentioned. I’ve got to go on Monday to discuss options. Has anyone had experience of these? X

Hi Jennie,

Sorry to hear about the slight increase in the liver met, what a little pest!  Its a pain when there’s one met that wants to rebel against the treatment when everything else is going so smoothly.

I started Capecitabine in June.  Its an oral chemotherapy tablet and I think its pretty decent!  I was told it comes with all the usual side effects that most cancer meds do, eg. tiredness/fatigue, low blood counts, diarrhoea or nausea, mouth sores etc but I am very happy to say I’ve not had hardly any side effects at all other than tiredness (which got a bit worse on my week off), and low blood counts which went borderline for being neutropenic.

Never had Paclitaxel but I have read lots of people have, I’m sure someone here can relay their experience for you.  Good luck on your next step of treatment! xx