chemical cocktails suspicion no facts

chemical cocktails suspicion no facts

chemical cocktails suspicion no facts Chemicals and br ca- we worry, they suspect but what’s the answer? Br ca ladies all read labels- should everyone be more careful? dilly

its?a difficult one I’ve always lead a healthy lifestyle - I had a well-balanced vegetarian diet for 17 years. Since the age of 27 I included white meat and fish. I have always exercised and cancer is not in my genes. The only possible cause if you want to pinpoint one factor is possibly alcohol but only a couple of glasses of redwine a night.

I look at myself, at 34, and wonder why I had breast cancer. I volunteered for an article Which? ran looking at similar compounds in the blood: dioxins, pcbs, pesticides, musks and phthalates etc and with exception to the children participating, I had the lowest levels of ‘toxic’ compounds present.

I believe the work the WWF are doing looking at the effect of chemical cocktails is useful and if it can reduce the levels of chemicals used in everyday products or released into the atmosphere then that can only be a good thing but whether these can be blamed for increased bc cases who knows.

If people want to reduce their exposure to such chemicals then they have to look at the compounds used in their face creams and body lotions as well as the products we all liberally spray on our kitchen appliances and bathrooms. I guess a lot of us bc ladies are doing this now but for the masses of women taken in by advertising and the need to have the latest beauty products - this article is only going to fall on deaf ears