Chemo #4 recovery has been very tough.

Hello Gals,
I am having chemo (TCH) every 3 weeks for 6 sessions. I had noticed that my recovery time increased a little with each invasion ( we are at war after all) but this last time kicked my butt. It was so much worse than before that I’m now afraid of #5. Is anyone experiencing the same situation? I’m still working basically full time with the exception of my chemo week but I’m so tired and yucky feeling. If it continues to get worse for my last two, and I’ve been told it will, I don’t know how I’m going to manage. I will manage somehow, I’m just now afraid of the process. Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know I need to keep my spirits up so any encouragement would also be welcomed.
Thank you so much

Hi Lin,sorry you are feeling so rubbish .Very hard working full time through all of this .May be worth reposting your questions in the chemotherapy section of the website to get some advice from people who have been through similar .Hope the next 2 treat you as kindly as possible .Jill .

Hi Lindsyone,

You have my sympathies - I am working through my chemo, too. 

The suggestion to join a relevant monthly chemo thread may be of much help and support for you.

If you have just gone past No 4 my guess is that you started in May, as I did.

This is the link to the May thread -

You also might find info of this thread of help to you, as it adresses working through chemo -

Feel free to send me a personal message with any specific question as to working through chemo, I shall do my best to support you through that. I know how challenging it is and how much more difficult our situation is made by having to try and earn a living at the same time.


Sue xxx