Chemo after effects

Chemo after effects

Chemo after effects I am posting on behalf of a friend who is 8 months since the end of chemo.
She has a white coating all over her tongue, which has been tested and is not thrush.
She is finding it very difficult to eat due to horrible taste, which results in her being sick.
Does anyone have any idea how much longer this should last, or any ideas on how to take away this nasty taste.
My friend has lost lots of weight and really needs some advice
Many Thanks in advance
Sue xx

taste hi sue

sorry your friend is having a bad time, i’m still having chemo but during my first lot of epi my mouth was terrible and i used to wash my mouth out all the time with soda bicarbonate (you get it in tubs at the supermarket) also fresh pineapple is very good for cleaning your tongue or if she cant face that pineapple juice. She may have tried these already.


Hi It seems a very long time for this kind of side effect to hang around. I think a white coating on the tongue can be a general sign of ill health (hence the GP’s instruction to stick your tongue out), and it sounds as though your friend isn’t getting sufficient nourishment at the moment.

She should either go and see her GP or contact the hospital as soon as possible, as being run down will compromise her immune system as well as making her feel dreadful.