Chemo after Oncotype test

Was told by the BCN yesterday due to the score I got on the Oncotype test I am being referred for chemotherapy to try and prevent reoccurrence of my cancer.  So waiting for an appointment with the oncologist.

I had a lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy 6 weeks ago with clean margins and clean nodes.
I am feeling very nervous about the whole thing and don’t know what to expect.  Anyone got any experience or advice on chemo for prevention of reoccurrence?

Janeycat Do read the chemo threads also use the number on here and speak to a nurse they will be able to answer all your questions Step by step you will get through :two_women_holding_hands: something that’s helped a lot of us through chemo is joining the chemo thread when your chemo starts You all help get each other through :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

I’ve just completed 6 rounds of FEC chemo, which was prescribed following an oncotype test, like you, to prevent recurrence. For me, I read all the usual “how to manage chemo / what to expect” info on this site, and in the forum. Also great suggestion to join the “monthly starters” group on here. 

For me, it was about managing nausea, dizziness and some digestive issues, but I got through chemo and so will you. 

Best wishes


I am currently in the same situation as yourself. My score was low but high enough for the oncologist to recommend chemotherapy. I have this week to make a decision but massively struggling as I am terrified of chemo and not sure I am strong enough.  I hope you are coping ok with it all.:heart: