Chemo again within a year

Hi all, Ive been on the site a couple of times and need some advice and ressurance if anyone can offer any. I’m triple negative, diagnosed Oct 08. I had a 2.4cm tumour, 8 nodes affected and vascular invasion. I had a WLE and then another to clear the margins. Chemo was 3 x FEC and 3 x Tax and finished that in May 09. I then had radiotherapy for a month. All the way through they have said I have nodes under the collarbone which they have been keeping a close eye on, doing CT scans regualry etc. Anyway 2 weeks ago I felt a lump on my collar/neck and they did a biopsy. Its come back as cancer and I have to start chemo again. Im devastated and terrified, as are my family. Can anyone else tell me if they have heard of anyone going through chemo again within a year and did it work? Any advice and reassurance gratefully received!


Hi smiley275
I have a large tumour 6cm which i’ve just finished chemo to shrink it(its a lot smaller)but have been told i may have to have more chemo after op.I know how you feel,but i’m sure it’s for the best.Leselyxx

Hi there

Quick post. I was DX on 4th Jan last year. I had a large tumour - 5cm - and had SNB which showed the cancer had spread. I reacted very well to 4 X FEC and it shrank to 16mm, which meant that I had a WLE and total lymph removal. Great results - clear margins and all but 2 of my lymph nodes were cancerous, but all of them would have become so.

I also got an additional 4 X Taxotere, basically as the cancer was agressive, shortly after surgery. Also 6 weeks of rads.

I think it’s quite common for preventative chemo to be advised, depending on HER 2 status, cancer grade, type etc.

Thankfully, I am finished all but Herceptrin now, ad feelin relieved that I have been given so much treatment as my survival chances now are massivly enhanced.

Please don’t worry - be thankful that we have such good care and that the angels who care for us are just giving us the very best tools they have in the fight in this dreadful disease, without reference to expense.

God bless and good luck!!

Annie xx

yes im back on treatment after finishing only 6 months ago, i have spread to the liver, its devestating news and i am still trying to deal wth it 1 day at a time, this time i am on capecitabine which is tablet form along with herceptin, it is kinder than most chemo and i am tolerating it well as far as results i dont know i will be having a ct scan in march, i have found great support on this site and there are a few ladies on here who ahve been dealing with secondarys for s long time
big hugs to you
love galen xx

Hi galen ,ladies
I have a large tumour,and lymph nodes envloved.I have this fear that mine has spread ,which nobody ever knows for certain, but when i read how many ladies on here have secondaries and respond very well to treatment for many many years it makes me hopeful whatever the outcome.Lots of love Lesleyxx

Hi all

I went back on chemo in September after finishing first lot FEC/TAX in June. The first chemo just did not do the job for me and I now have a secondary on my spine as well as recurrances under my arm. Chemo in Sept didn’t work and tumours kept growing but the one I am on is doing the job and tumours are shrinking so much so that my surgeon is going to give me another op to make sure everything cleared out from under my arm to stop more problems in the future.

Pain in my neck is so so much better and I am back at work full time. There are so many chemo’s out there and finding right one seems hit and miss, lucky they have hit the right one for me at the moment. Hope things get easier for you when you have a treatment plan. I never thought I would be feeling this positive again and of course the wonderful women on this site help so much!!

Love Anne xx

Thanks for your replies ladies. Sorry I have taken so long to reply back, we went off for a holiday to Egypt and the relaxing there certainly hit the spot, didnt realise just how much we needed a break. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it makes it less scary to know that this does happen to people and I’m not alone in this. Got an appt with my oncologist on Thursday to see what they want to do and which chemo to try. My collar area is quite painful, I tried to forget it whilst on holiday, had far too much enjoying myself to get on with! Thanks again. Debbie x