Chemo and Asthma

Hi all, I am due to start my first round of chemo next Tuesday but just wanted to find out from those who are also asthmatic what effect (if any) the chemo had on them. Did it make it better or worse?  Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks, Tracey x

Hi Tracey - I haven’t had Asthma where I’ve had to take the Salbutamol inhaler regularly for 20 years.  If I get a cold I usually get a Clenil inhaler to prevent chest infections and it works.


Cycle 1 of FEC chemo on 27 February and in week 2 I caught a chest infection doing the rounds which went from a sore throat to that overnight :O.  I was out of breath talking, wheezy etc too.  I went to the Chemo unit and had a chest xray and came away with Penicillin, Steroids, Clenil and Salbutamol Inhalers.  I have been told to keep taking the Clenil every morning and evening now until told to stop, to prevent the Asthma coming on.


So basically it found a weakness and with the chest infection, has brought it on.  If you have Asthma already just make a note of any days you feel it’s worse where you’ve had to take the inhaler more.  The steroids at the time of chest infection for me was to suppress the asthma too, so whether they may give you an increased dose of that?  Whoever gives you the chemo will be able to answer these worries and concerns too - I found them so easy to talk to :slight_smile:


Good luck :slight_smile: xxx