Chemo and cats?

I have 3 lovely moggies, one in particular is very affectionate, he loves to get on my lap and snuggle in and prod and poke. I hate to admit it, but he also loves to come and cuddle up when I am lounging in bed - I can hear you all going yuk!

Apart from the usual washing of hands etc. is there any other danger from cats I should be warned about?

Alternatively is my toxic body a danger to him?

He doesn’t seem put off by my walnut head, body smell or bad breath so perhaps I should be thankful - LOL.

I have two lovely cats and they were a great source of comfort .I asked at chemo unit and they were great.Dont change litter without gloves,dont let them lick your face[mine used to ‘wash’ my bald head!,try mot to let them get their bums too close to your face[all cat lovers know about that.You are no danger to them.Love on xx

Lisa had 5 cats last year when going through chemo … the only thing she was careful of was not getting scratched and also after her mastectomy. The cats were such a comfort to her.
Sue x

Yes you are right, I adore my cats they are like my babies! Ours don’t have litter trays as they go in and out as they please so no worries on that. Occasionally the black beast (Alfie) likes to bite the bridge of my nose, in an affectionate way of course, but they never scratch.
Thanks for your replies.
BTW horace, this morning Alfie was licking my ear - it was actually quite a strange feeling.

My cat is a great comfort to me and puts up with my moods, bald head and smelly farts. He sleeps with me and cuddles up if I feel down.

I am a HUGE cat fan and mine has been wonderful throughout all of this .

Agree totally! Cuddle them and don’t worry. They are the very best thing to have around. I had to have my darling 18 year old boy put down during rads last year and it was awful. My surviving girl is such a comfort and knows just how I am feeling - good or bad! Never mind their bums!



I couldnt cope without my gorgeous cat. She gets me through this and sleeps on my bed. Had really bad period during my first chemo and I had a water bottle on my tummy and the cat slept on top!! Cant give up my cat. I dont empty the cat litter tray any more though but Im not complaining!

Love Claire x

I have 3 cats 2, teenagers and a husband who works away and I have to say My beautiful Siamese cat Charlie, was and continues to be a source of comfort & Joy, although since Chemo I dont let them sleep in bedroom anynore although I let Charlie in on a morning when having cuppa or getting dressed. Don’t worry just wash hands as normal only thing to do is not to get scratched.

love Heather xx