Chemo and sun bathing

Hi everyone, finished FEC x 6 about a month ago, and am going to Turkey in 2 weeks time for a much deserved holiday. Have bought factor 30 suncream, but someone told me this morning that if you have had chemo, you need a factor 50 as your skin is still very sensitive and this can last a few years.
Can anyone elaborate on this? and should I be sitting out in the sun at all
Thank you

Hi Jan

I went on holidays about the same time after chemo plus rads as you last year and used a factor 30 suncream. Some people say no sun after rads but as a sunworshipper I just took it easy and covered up with light top as I built up and had no problems. I’m sure more ladies will come on with their tips but whatever - enjoy your holiday.

Anne x

I finished chemo 2 weeks ago and next week go to Portugal for 10 days
I will start radiotherapy when I get back so maybe thats different…? I had a check up last week and haven’t been told to do anything special, like Anne have factor 30 suncream, have been told by hospital I can swim and am basically going to be very careful and sensible in sun
Happy hols…!