I am starting chemo next week. I will be trying the cold cap but may not be able to tolerate it due to migraines. Does anyone know of any good wig shops in or near Colchester or Chelmsford. I know of Frobishers in Ipswich but don’t drive so would ideally like something nearer. Also, I am going to have my hair cut really short, is this the right thing to do? And if I use the cold cap does it just work on hair on head, I take it I will still lose my eye lashes and eyebrows?
Any advice much appreciated.


Hi Mazza,
have you checked hairdressers in your area as some stock wigs. Hope this helps

When I had my treatment 3 years ago I went to Wigtopia in Colchester who were very good. I must admit though I bought 2 expensive wigs but they never came out of the box. I much preferred headscarves. There is also a good one in Southend call Michelle Roberts. Both are on the internet.
Can’t help with the cold cap thing as I didn’t bother. I saw one woman in the chmo unit in it in tears as it was so painful for her. Also I wanted chemo to get round all my cells and not be stopped from getting through my head.
I had my hair cut quite short just because I didn’t want it falling everywhere, but also because when it falls out it is quite painful but you shouldn’t have to worry about that if you are going down the coldcap. I did lose all my eyebrows and lashes but when the chemo was finished they grew back within weeks.
Hope this helps you.

I had short hair anyway, but I got a buzz cut when I started chemo. I think it gets you used to the shape of your head with no hair, and also I think it does make it easier physically to cope with hair loss. Once my hair really started to drop, and I could pull it out in handfuls ( about 15 - 17 days post my first treatment, I shaved it off completely, and my scalp felt much more comfortable!

I did get a wig in place, just before my final shave, and I thought it looked ok in the salon, but I had a suspicion I wouldn’t wear it much … Maybe if I was performing on stage with my singing group, for the sake of unity!

As it happens, I have not worn it at all! I have put it on a few times at home, but it just looks so false, and wiggy! So I mostly wear soft sleepcaps if cold, or nothing in the house, and an appropriate cap or winter hat (its still cold in Canada!) outdoors.

And I have a tendency to hot flashes, so often just whip off my headgear to cool down quickly. And I have a feeling that would turn more heads in a restaurant if I had been wearing my wig! :wink:

As it is, I don’t see myself, so it doesn’t worry me, and if it bothers other people, then so sad, too bad … That’s their problem, not mine! :smiley:

Ps. I look like pirate if I wear a scarf or bandanna! “_”
PPs. Cold caps don’t seem to be used here at all, but in fact the hair only really completely went from the sides of my head. I still had loads left on top and back. I have decided to grow a mowhawk!!! :smiley:

Thanks Samlee, Morwenna and nanniereeree for replying to my question re wigs.
I tried Wigtopia but it didn’t have a premises you have to order online and I wanted to try it on. So, am going to Southend at Michael Roberts.
I am going to try the cold cap for my first session and if it is too much to bear as I get migraines I am going to shave it off and just wear the wig. I have been told it grows back grey and curly, lovely!

It does indeed grow back curly. Mine was curly for a good 18 months. I kept it very short then as I couldn’t really control it. It is only in the last 6 months or so that I have let it grow to what it was before as it is now back to its original texture.