Chemo at Christmas

Has anyone had chemo over Christmas? I know it seems like a silly question but it is a bad idea to ask the doctors to delay treatment so I can enjoy Christmas???
I am on EC chemo every 3 weeks which totally wipes me out for at least the first 10 days after treatment, I have my 3rd chemo next Tuesday!

Sam x

Hi Sam,

I had chemo last Xmas so I do sympathise with you. I was expecting to feel totally wiped out but felt so much better then I thought.

My husband had also shaved what was left of my hair the week before so I was also bald! To be honest I wouldn’t have broken up my treatment for Xmas as I just wanted to get on with it.

I don’t know if I was so determined that the Tax I was having wasn’t going to spoil my Xmas and yeah everything tasted awful but I was with my family and friends which made up for it.

Good Luck with the rest of your treatment

Take care
Brenda x

Hi Sam,
I have had chemotherapy at Christmas 2 years ago but I will be asking for time off this year. Treatment will only be delayed by a week and I think if it’s ok to delay treatment for other reasons such as low blood results then I won’t worry too much about it. Hope you can work it out. Best wishes, Gemini.

I had the start of mine delayed so second one wouldnt be at Christmas.Glad I did as I was feeling ropey by day 5 which would have been 24th Dec.

Hello Sam

I started my chemo last Nov, my first one was on the 24th Nov, third one on the 22nd ( 3 days before christmas) I was on AC (went on to Taxol)on a fortnightly cycle, I had lost my hair by the 22nd and had no taste and was tired, but i don’t think i would have cancelled/ changed my cyle, though i wasn’t offered. Food shopping the week before was hard work, i went to late night shopping when there was no crowds , my family were lucky not to have water and crackers.
Christmas day was a bit of a blurr i must admit, i slept through most of it. i tried to travel to see family on boxing day but the journey was pretty grim i was travel sick on top of chemo sick , sorry for the graphic detail , just want to be honest.

rhian xx

Wow, Rhian, it sounds like you were trying to do too much last Christmas - they should have been taking care of food shopping etc for you!!! I’ll probably do some online, otherwise, OH will have to sort it out. Mind you, we only have ourselves to look after and aren’t all that fussed: any visitors will have to take us as they find us!

Looks like mine will fall on New Year instead of Christmas, but I want to get on and get them all done rather than change any dates. I can understand wanting to move it if you know a busy period will clash with your ‘down’ time.

But seriously, one Christmas not at 100% speed won’t really matter in the grand scheme - downgrade your plans, maybe?

hi there
i will deffo be asking for mine to be delayed
going by how the 1st one made me feel there is no way im having my lad have a rubbish xmas lol

Hi Sam

I had chemo due the week before Christmas last year. My 5th cycle (3rd Tax) was due on the 22 which meant I would have felt awful by the 25th.

I asked for it to be delayed for a week so I could enjoy Christmas my oncologist was quite happy to do this and it wasn’t a problem. I had it two or three days after Christmas instead.


Yes Flora29, I agree, now when i look back i should have stepped back , but tried to carry on as ‘normal’ which was really silly, i wasn’t aware of this forum etc then and think if i had realised there was moral support out there i would have handled things differently, i behaved as if i was the only person in the world facing it. I just wanted it over and out of the way, because i was on a two week cycle there never seemed any respite.

My advice now with hindsight, is get as much help as you can , let folk do things for you xxx