Chemo before surgery ladies

Morning ladies, I just wanted to ask the ladies who have had or are having chemo treatment before surgery how they are coping during treatment and their lump still being present.

I am always feeling my lump, several times a day in fact wondering if it feels different, smaller, bigger, harder, swollen. Do you other ladies do this too that have not yet had surgery? I’m due my 3rd FEC next Thursday and then MRI a week later to see what response it has had so far. I guess I’m just paranoid and I don’t really know what’s going on in there! But my affected feels harder and bigger to me, I guess I don’t have long to wait to find out. Would be good to hear from you. X

Hi millasmummy, i had chemo first-Fec T, i can totally empathise with your need to keep feeling the lump, i was continually touching and poking mine, even sat watching T.V subconsciously poking it all of the time! My lump did feel smaller after first two chemos, but other ladies i met found theirs grew, the oncologist will adjust the chemo if necessary, or a friend of mine had her surgery halfway through the chemo and then changed to the Taxotere part of regime. I did find it hard having chemo first, did feel i was quite unusual, i now know i wasnt- i just wanted the cancer out, but the oncs know what will work for you, also having chemo first they can tell how well you have responded to it! I wish you all the very best, the breast care nurse told me if i felt better poking the lump all of the time then just keep doing so- wouldnt do any harm, other than the paranoia of course!
Good luck with the rest of your treatment and surgery!?

Thank you Lovewine and Flopsy for your replies,. I am seeing my oncologist on Monday so will speak to him about my worries, in the meantime chocolate is helping :). X

Hi ladies

ive had FEC-T before surgery and had 3 FEC and 4 T. After 2 FEC my lump had shrunk and lymph nodes by half! After T I have been advised there is no evidence of cancer so rather than mx and full node clearance I am having WLE and sentinel lymph removal. It is hard doing it this way round but keep positive and stay strong xx Colista