chemo brain, bad memory

Im sure this has been posted before but i am 2 years past rads and chemo and seems I keep forgetting stuff and cant recall names, etc. I know this is all really common, but what can we do to help it, or improve it.

oh tells me i should go get tested, but i think he’s just being a bit mean!

working mums,  we are all busy ladies we call have too much going on as it is - so this just adds to it,

any advice would be great


I am in the same position but without the rads. I am learning to cut down on as many things as I can, sounds drastic but for some sort of peace of mind, its worth it. Having said this I would add that I am retired and 73yo, although doing a lot of voluntary work which I dont want to let slide. I write lots of lists in my dairy which is my default zone!! Hope this is of some help.