Chemo & car insurance

Does anyone know whether undergoing chemo (or having BC) has any impact on car insurance - want to make sure I’m covered OK.


Hi Sarah, I am a financial adviser and although I don’t arrange motor insurance it did make me think to ask the question - there should be no impact on your motor insurance as there is no reason you cannot drive whilst undergoing chemo if you feel well enough to do so. However if you want to be 110% sure then I’d suggest you speak to your insurance company. Travel insurance is an issue, not that I plan to go abroad until my treatment is finished.

Just to jump in here, the travel insurance that clarabel34 mentioned, try Aberdeen Insurance if you are thinking of hols. I am going away next week to Florida and have secondaries, and they quoted me £69 for family of 4, with standard £65 excess and then £750 excess for anything to do with my cancer, If you search you will get the phone nunber,

I have no idea about car insurance and have driven throughout my chemo and now herceptin. I must admit my OH came to all chemo sessions with me and drove but now I drive myself to herceptin,

Take care

Thanks to both of you for advice. Since posting I also checked with my breast care nurse and she said that car insurance is no problem as long as I haven’t been told not to drive, e.g. after surgery.

best wishes to you both