Chemo Cocktails

Hello lovely ladies. I have currently had 3 rounds of TAX, and have 3 more to go. Reading through this site, a few of you seem to be having 3 x FEC (is it) and 3 x TAX. What would be the difference between the 2 be? Why would you have 3 of each rather than 6 of 1 like me?

Just curious.

Many Thanks xx

I’m on the 3 x FEC and 3 x TAX simply because it was what my Onc recommend for me. I would assume that as treatment is individually tailored, we all get what is deemed best for us by the team treating us.

Not being a cancer expert myself, I’m only the patient, I couldn’t answer your question as to the how’s and whys. The best person to ask would be your Onc.

I think we are all curious, but there are so many different cocktails, and so many variables regarding the bc itself, I’m not sure anyone here would be able to answer the question.