Chemo damaged veins

Chemo damaged veins

Chemo damaged veins I have started a new topic for gentle

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I was diagnosed with bc in Nov 05. I had surgery, chemo (6 courses of fec) and radiotherapy. Throughout I felt positive and hopefull but I developed a problem with my right arm due to the chemo that deeply distressed me and I saw no other person who seemed similarly affected. So I am posting this to anyone who may have experienced the same.
I had the chemo through a line in my hand, after a couple of treatments my arm became stiff and painfull. This worsened to the point where I pursuaded my oncologist to alow the treatment to be put into the other side for the last one.
At its worse I could only straighten my arm to about 75% its normal range and could not bend my wrist at all. I found doing every day things like dressing and attending to personal higene very painfull.
My oncologist was very dismisive of this problem and I was very scared that it would not recover.
I am happy now to report that things have improved greatly, thanks to the encouragment of a lovely physiotherapist I am seeing from my employers occy health service.
My arm still hurts abit when I straighten it to its max (not quite as straight as the other one) but I am now confident that it will resolve in time.
So if you are similarly affected do not dispair. You are not the only one, and it will get better with some gentle excersise and time.

me again P.S. I do appologise to anyone reading my message re damage to my arm during chemo, as I forgot to sign it. How rude!
My body may be well on its way to recovery but I think my brain is still a bit addled!!


Mee Too I finished chemo at beginning of July and can only now straighten my arm without pain. I also have discoloured veins where the chemo damaged them but these are now fading too.

It is a relief when the side effects from chemo fade and normality returns!


arm pain Hi - I have also had post chemo arm problems with my veins. I finished 6 x FEC in May, and had problems straightening my arm, it was very sore. Also there was a lump on my forearm about the size of a pea, from where the chemo had damaged the vein. The oncologist assured me that it would get better - and it is - the lump has gone, and I can straighten my arm with almost no soreness at all now. So if you are having similar experiences, take heart - it does get better!